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Check Requests

What is the purpose of a check requisition request?
Check requisition form (known as Purchasing Requisition form) is used to request payment to vendors/companies and individuals, for services rendered, honorariums, subscriptions, and membership dues, and etc.; however, excludes seminar/conference/meeting registrations and lodging.

Where do I find the purchase/check requisition request form?
The Purchase Requisition form is used for two purposes, such as purchase orders and check request(s). The Purchase/Check Requisition form can be located on purchasing website:

Where do I send the purchase/check requisition request form?
All purchase/check requisition requests should be sent directly to the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Coordinator will determine if a purchase order is required or not.

What is the purpose of a payment request form?
Payment request form is used only to request payment to vendors/companies for seminar/conference/meeting registrations and lodging. The original form should be completed and attached to travel authorization. The form can be located on Business Services travel website:

What is the difference between a check requisition form and payment request form?
The main difference is the type of request. The check requisition form is sent directly to the Purchasing Department to determine if a purchase order is required or not; whereas the payment request form is related to travel and sent directly to the Office of Accounting and Budget and no purchase order is required.

What is the AP Policy (turnaround) for a Check Request?
The processing time required for all payments is dependent on the time the request is received in Accounts Payable. Check requests received by the Accounts Payable office are date/time stamped then processed in the order they were received within 10 business days, provided all supporting documentation is present.

Delayed Payments
Please note, payment on check requests submitted without appropriate documentation will be delayed until the requested documents have been received. Payments may also be delayed on occasion due to end of year processing, training of new hires, absences, or system failure. Be sure to plan accordingly and submit your check request as soon as invoices are received to ensure payment in a timely manner.

Rush Payments
Any rush requests must be approved by Tamya Morris or Nick Henry and should be an urgent nature.

Please remember to advise your vendors of this policy when conveying payment information to them. Our standard terms are Net 30. You may also call/email to check the status of the requested payment.

Can I submit copies of invoices/receipts for payment?
State policies require original, detailed, signed and dated receipts showing the invoice date, amount to be paid, and vendor name.

What should I do if I receive an original invoice or credit memo in my department?
All original invoices or credit memos received should be approved by the department manager and IMMEDIATELY forwarded to the Accounts Payable.

What if I only have a statement to submit as backup for a check request?
Statements only are not sufficient back up and will not be accepted as sole backup. Please request a copy of the invoice from the vendor even if it is a past due invoice. This will help eliminate possible duplication of payment. This is the only exception to pay from a copy, if an original is not received.

Do the per diem rates for employees apply to non-employees?
Yes. When travel expenses are being reimbursed to students or other non-employees, they are expected to remain within the per diem rates.

How can I pay for lodging if I do not have a credit card?
Fill out a Payment Request form made payable to the hotel for the exact amount of your lodging. Be sure to obtain a confirmation from the hotel showing your confirmation number and amount. Send the original Payment Request form to the Office of Accounting and Budget along with your approved travel authorization and the college will cut a check to the hotel. Be sure to retain a copy of your records and to take with you in case of discrepancies.

How do I get Georgia sales tax removed from my purchase? And where do I obtain Georgia sales tax form?
You should submit a Georgia sales tax exemption form at the time the order or lodging registration is placed. If an employee is paying with a college check, then the sales tax exempt form is required and the hotel should not charge sales tax; however, if an employee pays via personal credit/debit card or cash then the hotel should include the sales tax and request reimbursement through Expense Self-Service portal. The form can be found on the purchasing web page:

What is the college’s policy on paying membership dues?
It is college policy to pay only for institutional membership dues. This policy is based on the Attorney General Opinion 68-110. There are some possible exceptions, and include:

  • Transferable individual memberships
  • Memberships that are required as a condition of employment
  • Memberships that are required for accreditation of a department or program
  • The membership fee plus a registration fee to an organization’s conference is less than the nonmember registration.
  • The membership results in a discount on beneficial publications that is greater than the cost of the membership

Check Distribution

When are checks disbursed?
Checks are printed and disbursed every Tuesday and Thursday unless arrangements have been made in advance for pick up by an employee or vendor.

How will I know when my check is ready for pick up?
An email will be sent from the Accounting Coordinator to the employee requesting to pick up the check as indicated on the check request. Checks are processed every Tuesday and Thursday.

Can the vendor or employee pick up the check?
Yes, as long as the vendor or employee makes arrangements in advance for pick up and signs the check log when the check is picked up.

Why are checks not sent via campus mail?
Sending checks through campus mail presents security risks, therefore, all checks are to be mailed or picked up by an employee of Dalton State College or directly by the vendor.

Vendor Information

Why are the W-9 and Vendor Profile Forms required?
In order to be in compliance with state polices, we are required to include certain information about vendors in our database. The vendor set up form and W-9 allows our department to set up the vendor in compliance with the IRS guidelines. The Vendor Set-Up form allows our department to accurately provide information to the Board of Regents as requested.

Why do I need to obtain the Tax ID # or SSN?
These numbers allow a more thorough search of the vendor database for existing vendors. For example, if a vendor has a parent company but ‘does business as’ a subsidiary name. Another example would be if a vendor’s name changes due to a life event or sale of the company. This information is also pertinent to the setup of the 1099 information within the vendors file. An easy way to request this information is to ask the vendor for Form W-9 which is required before a vendor is setup in the college’s database.

How do I add or update a vendor’s information?
A new vendor profile form and Form W-9 is required for additions and updates for a vendor. These forms can be located on the Purchasing website:

Where do I submit the vendor profile and Form W-9?
Submit the vendor profile and Form W-9 to the Purchasing Department.

What if my vendor is employed at Dalton State College or Board of Regents?
Employees of Dalton State College receiving monies for services above and beyond their normal salary cannot be paid through Accounts Payable. They must be paid through payroll. Please contact Dalton State College’s payroll office for more details.

If travel related expense, employee should submit their expense reimbursement through the Expense Self-Service portal.

If the vendor is employed at another USG institution, that USG institution must invoice us and DSC will pay that USG institution through Accounts Payable. The invoicing institution will in turn pay their employee through their payroll system.

Payment Verification

How do I know if a check has cleared the bank?
Contact the Accounting Coordinator in the Office of Accounting and Budget department with as much detailed information about the vendor and payment as possible. This will assist our department in looking up the vendor payment history. We will contact the bank and if the check has cleared a copy of the canceled check (front and back) will be emailed to the requestor along with the date the check cleared. However, if check has not cleared the bank, the Accounting Coordinator can place a stop payment on the check after ten business days.

What if check cleared but vendor claims did not cash/deposit the check?
After verification of address and signatures and determination of fraud, an affidavit will need to be signed by the vendor, bank, and Assistant Director of Accounting and/or Assistant Vice President for Fiscal Affairs. And, once DSC receives the bank’s approval, a new check will be issued.

How do I request a stop payment on a check?
Please wait ten business days to request a stop payment. The college is charged for every stop payment that is placed. After ten business days, contact Accounting Coordinator, Pam Lane, via email or by fax at 706-272-4588.

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