Reimbursement for Job Candidates


In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses, a candidate must perform a service to the institution, such as a presentation on a subject matter applicable to the position for which he/she has applied.

Positions which are available for reimbursement:
All candidates for faculty positions as well as staff positions at the Director level or higher are eligible for a travel reimbursement.


1. All travel expenses are on a reimbursement basis- airlines, rental cars, meals, lodging, etc. All reimbursement will follow the State of Georgia regulations for travel. Click here for per diem rates, etc.

  • If candidates drive their own vehicles they are entitled to the Tier 1 mileage rate
  • Candidate meals are to follow the per diem rates
  • Rental of Motor Vehicles
    • Candidates requiring the use of commercially leased vehicles will be reimbursed for gasoline purchases associated with the business use of such vehicle, provided appropriate receipts are included. Dalton State will reimburse for the price of an economy vehicle and any upgrades will be the responsibility of the candidate (receipts required).

2. The University System of Georgia travel regulations are the premise for all reimbursements even though they are not employees of the University System. Candidates should not use the motel/hotel exemption form since they are not state employees. Original receipts including boarding passes are needed for all expenses, except for meals.

3. The Candidate's travel reimbursement form needs to be approved by the appropriate Administrator along with the Budget unit to which the expenses should be charged. The Travel Expense Reimbursement form can be found at Business Services > Forms.

4. Faculty/staff are not eligible for reimbursement of their meal from their departmental budget when taking a candidate to breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, faculty/staff should never pay for a candidate’s meal. Meals paid for candidates by faculty/staff are not eligible for reimbursement from state funds.

5. The completed expense forms should be sent to Business Services for payment. Please be sure that the candidate’s mailing address and social security number are correct.

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