Travel Regulations and Procedures

Business Services is responsible for processing all approved business travel documents for Dalton State employees and students. These include travel requests for authority to travel and expense reimbursement requests. Each document is reviewed for proper approval, compliance with travel regulations and budgetary funding. An employee travel is subject to Board of Regents and DSC Travel Regulations. An employee of Dalton State College should never incur expenses for another DSC employee. Each employee should incur their own expenses and submit for reimbursement. For Travel Guidelines, Per Diem Rates and Forms, please view below.

Procedure to Request Authorization to Travel

Prior to going on a business trip, employees must complete a travel request form. This form should show a detailed breakdown of funds requested, approval by the Department Head and Dean/Vice President/President. Once Business Services has verified that sufficient funds are available for the requested travel, an email will be sent to the employee notifying them that the travel has been approved. If the travel is rejected all the travel documentation will be sent back to the employee.

Note: If you need a copy of your travel documentation, please make it prior to sending the information to the Office of Business Services.

Procedure to Request Reimbursement

First time expense user: An employee will need to self-register before being able to create a travel reimbursement. Instructions on how to Self-Register for Expenses is located on the Business Services-Office of Accounting & Budgets-Travel website.

All travel reimbursements must be submitted to the Business Services-Office of Accounting and Budget no later than thirty (30) calendar days after completion of the authorized trip or event. An employee should submit an expense reimbursement through the Expenses Self Service Portal. A hardcopy of the expense report should be printed, signed, and dated and all related receipts/documentation must be sent to the Business Services office. Once the Business Services office has received the expense report and all required documentation, it will be reviewed by the Budget Analyst. Once reviewed and approved, the expense report will go through the proper Expense Approval Workflow. After final approval, the employee will be issued a reimbursement via EFT or check depending on the employee's disbursement method. However, all employees are highly encouraged to select the EFT method for travel reimbursement. Employees should receive a confirmation via email when receiving reimbursement by EFT.

Important Reminder: If a change in an employee’s banking information (i.e. routing and/or account number) occurs; the employee is responsible for notifying the Business Services-Office of Accounting & Budget so that the information can be updated in the Expense module and payment is not delayed.

Note 1: To view a list of required documents to be attached to an employee’s expense report, please go to the Travel Reimbursement Requirements Checklist document located under the title “Other Resources Reference Material.”

Note 2: Employees who travel outside the U.S. will need to convert expenses into USD. The EX module is designed to process only in USD. Also, provide a printout or note the daily exchange rate used in the comment box on the expense report, plus on each receipt.

Expense Portal - How To’s

Reimbursement for Non-Employee (i.e. job candidates, students, etc.)

Travel Guidelines, Per Diem Rates, etc.

Travel Forms

Other Resources Reference Material

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