How Courses Transfer

The following is a brief description of the general guidelines used to evaluate transfer credits. This list does not guarantee the student any certain result and is meant only as an explanation of the procedures. Dalton State College has established these policies in compliance with the standards established by the University System of Georgia. The database of transfer course equivalencies may be accessed through this page. Any further inquiries may be made at the Dalton State College Office of Enrollment Services at (706) 272-4590.

  1. In order for credit to be evaluated, it must be sent on an official transcript (mailed directly from the school) and contain final grades of all courses completed.
  2. In general, credits coming from an appropriately accredited institution will be accepted (SACS, NASC, NEASC, NCAC, MSAC, etc.) and transferred in on the level in which they were taken. For example, if courses were applied toward a 4-year degree at another appropriately accredited school, they will be accepted as such. However, if A.A.S. courses were taken at a 4-year accredited institution, they will transfer-in on an equal level (not applying towards a 4-year degree).
  3. Classes from regionally accredited Georgia technical colleges that have cooperative agreements with Dalton State (such as Coosa Valley Tech, Northwestern Tech, Appalachian/Pickens Tech) will be accepted as technical level classes only. Selected General Education courses from COC Accredited DTAE schools may transfer into the USG Core Curriculum.
  4. If there are more than 45 semester credit hours transferring in, the minimum GPA is 2.0. "D's" will transfer in provided that the GPA does not fall below a 2.0. 30 or less semester hours require a 1.8 GPA and 15 or less semester hours must meet a 1.6 GPA.
  5. No credit will be given for work experience or courses with grades below a D. This includes credit by exam, F's, W's, U's, I's, IP's, etc.
  6. Freshman English Composition I (ENGL 1101) requires a minimum of a "C" or better in order to transfer.
  7. The transfer GPA does not affect the student's cumulative GPA at Dalton State.
  8. No credit will be given for the same class more than once. This includes repeat courses as well as classes taken at two separate institutions.
  9. Courses will transfer in with the same number of hours as received at the previous institution. If this causes a deficiency in an area, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that it is satisfied through additional coursework. No course will be equated to a class on a higher level (ex: 2000 -> 3000) without the approval of the division chair unless an equivalency is obviously determined and is not more than one level higher.
  10. If a student receives more than 1 credit for a PE class, he/she will not be required to complete more than 3 credits of PE electives.
  11. In order to receive credit for remedial and developmental classes the student must have successfully passed the COMPASS entrance exam or Freshman English Composition for English or College Algebra for math. However, if a student satisfied a deficiency in another University System of Georgia Institution, it will be honored.
  12. In order to receive credit for a science course, the student must have successfully completed BOTH the lab and the class. No partial credit will be awarded.
  13. Courses that do not have a Dalton State College equivalency will be assigned an elective "8888" wild-card code that places that class in its prospective domain. They include Humanities, Natural Science, Social Science, Business and Technology, Nursing, Technical, and Physical Education. If students wish to apply these towards their degree, they may appeal the courses through their advisors and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  14. All course work is transferred in under the Semester System.
  15. If a student wishes to modify the results of the transfer evaluation, additional consideration will be given if the student provides a copy of the catalog course description as well as a written request stating which particular Dalton State class they wish to equate it with. The evaluator will respond to the request in writing.
  16. Any student in a B.S., B.A.S., A.A., A.S., or A.S.N. program must take the Regents Test for graduation. Any deficiencies for the Regents Test will be noted on the Transfer Equivalency Worksheet by an "Unsatisfied." If a student has over 45 hours of degree credit transferring in, they must take the Regents test during their first term. Questions about this may be addressed to Ms. Lisa Gregg in the testing center at (706) 272-2606.
  17. If a student takes U.S. History in the University System of Georgia, it will satisfy the Georgia and U.S. History requirements for graduation. However, if they take the course out-of-state, it will only satisfy the U.S. History requirement. Deficiencies for the Georgia requirements are noted on the Transfer Equivalency Worksheet as "Required – System." Passing the Georgia History Exemption Test may supplement this. Contact the Social Science Chair at (706) 272-2672 for more information.
  18. If a student takes Political Science 1101 – American Government in the University System of Georgia, both U.S. and GA Constitution requirements are met. If taken outside of the state, passing an exemption examination can satisfy the GA Constitution requirement. Contact the Social Science Chair at (706) 272-2672 for more information.
  19. Military credit and experience is accepted provisionally provided that the content, nature, and appropriateness apply to courses offered at Dalton State College. Official documentation and course descriptions (when possible) must be provided. A student having served in the military may be exempt from the Physical Education Requirements by submitting a copy of his/her DD214 form.
  20. Students who wish to receive credit from international schools abroad must submit their transcript to one of six approved international credentials evaluation services. This may take 2-6 weeks and cost between $100 - $150 US Dollars. Contact the Office of Enrollment Services for more information.

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