Mission Statement:
The mission of the Center for Academic Excellence is to facilitate, support, and enhance the teaching and learning process at Dalton State College. The Center serves to ultimately improve student success and achievement of learning outcomes by promoting the creation of effective learning environments through the provision of resources and faculty development opportunities.

Vision Statememt:
We believe that despite different disciplines, research agendas, and departmental or administrative concerns, the practice of teaching unites us. Even as we pursue scholarship, teaching remains at the heart of our professional lives and ultimately defines the mission of Dalton State College. Recognizing the central importance of teaching requires that we, both individually and collectively, need to continually develop this part of our professional lives. As colleagues and members of the college community we are committed to supporting one another's efforts to develop innovative and effective teaching and learning strategies. We seek to support all faculty in sharing best practices, implementing methods which enhance student achievement of learning outcomes, and in pursuing the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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