Career Planning and Major Exploration

Having trouble choosing a major or career? You're not alone. For some students, choosing a major is a simple decision. For others, choosing a major can be a difficult, even stressful, process. Many struggle with this decision for several reasons. You may find yourself overwhelmed at what seems to be endless possibilities and can't decide which major or career is the "right" one for you. You may also feel pressure from family and friends to choose a major they "think" would be good for you.

If this sounds like you, then don't worry. Counseling and Career Services has you covered. We believe that in order to figure out what you want to do in life, you need to know who you are first. We will help you become aware of your personality, interests, values, and skills and then find the major and career options that best fit you.

Understanding the Difference between Majors and Careers
Most college students assume that a corresponding academic major exists for every career field, and in order to enter most career fields they must choose a matching major. In actuality, the relationship between a college major and a particular career field is not always so closely linked. What's important is to know that your choice of major is only one of a number of factors that determine your future career path and job prospects. Other factors include the electives you choose, relevant experience, (such as internships and cooperative education programs, or "co-ops") and extracurricular activities like professional organizations and volunteer work. All of these experiences demonstrate to potential employers that you have knowledge and interest in that career field, and they will play a large part in determining an employer's response to you.

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