Job Search Basics

The key to a successful job search will be in the amount of time, effort, and energy you spend preparing for it. An effective job search will begin with clarifying your areas of interest and career goals. Your next step is to prepare a resume, cover letter, and a list of references. Keep in mind, a sizeable amount of time will need to be spent preparing your resume, so be sure to give adequate time to this task. Lastly, consider the methods you will use to conduct your job search. To learn more about conducting a successful job search, check out the sections below, or contact Counseling and Career Services for more assistance.


1. On-Campus Recruiting and DSCareer Connect

  • DSCareer Connect is an online system that manages all campus recruiting efforts. On DSCareer Connect you will find job postings for full-time and part-time employment, as well as postings for internships and co-ops. With DSCareer Connect, you can search for employment, register for campus career and recruiting events, upload your resume and apply for jobs through the system. 

Select the link below to get started:

DSCareer Connect
Get online. Get seen. Get hired.

  • Career Fairs and events are hosted by Academic Resources and Counseling and Career Services each semester. Additionally, we have a number of community employers who visit the campus each semester looking to recruit Dalton State students for employment, internships, and co-op positions.

2. Networking

  • Networking is cultivating relationships with other professionals in your field of interest for the purpose of making contacts and sharing information for personal or professional gain. Networking opportunities are plentiful. Places to begin networking include your current relationships and student affiliations (example: student clubs and organizations), professional organizations (they usually give a discounted membership rate for college students), social organizations, and Dalton State alumni. Contact Counseling and Career Services for help in creating a networking plan that will work for you.

3. Industry Specific Job Searches

  • Brainstorm a list of companies and organizations within a particular geographic area. Visit their websites to search for open positions. Send a formal prospecting letter or make an on-site visit inquiring about future employment opportunities. Be sure to attach your resume.
  • Search for jobs by visiting professional association websites. For example, American Marketing Association, American Counseling Association, Society for Human Resources Management, etc.

4. Alternative Job Searches

  • Paid Internships – Network and build experience. Plus, employers typically search for hires within their existing talent pool before looking outside the company.
  • Part-time Employment – Another great way to build your network and gain experience. An added benefit of getting a part-time job within, or related to, your field of study is for practical application of theories and ideas you are learning in the classroom.
  • Temporary/Employment Agencies – Many companies and organizations hire temporary workers through temp agencies in order to screen the workers before hiring them as permanent employees.

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