Name Email Phone Extension Building Office Unit
Campbell, Jill jcampbe2 Westcott Administration Building 131-D Enrollment Services
Carty, Nick ncarty 2548 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 112E Communication
Chadwick, Elizabeth echadwick 4438 Westcott Administration Building 150 President's Office
Chenoweth, Matthew (Dr.) mchenoweth 2507 Peeples Hall 218 Natural Sciences
Clay, Robert (Dr.) rclay 2521 Sequoya Hall 137 Technology and Mathematics
Cleeland, Robin (Dr.) rcleeland 4562 Technical Education Building 230 Social Work
Cline, Lee Ann lcline 4447 Roberts Library 143 Library
Codjoe, Henry (Dr.) hcodjoe 4406 Roberts Library 208 Institutional Research and Planning
Cole, Michael mpcole 4437 Westcott Administration Building 161 Fiscal Affairs
Coley, Shelia scoley 2502 Technical Education Building 118B Health Occupations
Collison, Richard (Dr.) rcollison 4449 Peeples Hall 305A Natural Sciences
Connors, Jamie jconnors 2455 Gignilliat Memorial Hall G14 Business
Cooley, Emma (Dr.) ecooley 2574 Sequoya Hall 128 Natural Sciences
Copeland, Chardonnay ccopeland 8201 Wescott Administration Building 131C Enrollment Services
Cordell, Penny pcordell 4498 Westcott Administration Building 112 Purchasing
Cornett, Judy (Dr.) jcornett 2671 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 248 History
Coulby, Cameron ccoulby 2611 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 303 OCIS
Crisp, Jenny (Dr.) jcrisp 2513 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 217 English
Culp, Robert (Dr.) rculp 4576 Gignilliat Memorial Hall 206 Business

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