Name Email Phone Extension Building Office Unit
Haley, Dylan dhaley 2573 Sequoya Hall 141B Science, Technology, and Mathematics
Hall, Jami jhall 2505 Pope Student Center 107 Student Life
Hambrock, Richard (Dr.) rhambrock 2571 Sequoya Hall 232 (front) Technology and Mathematics
Hardesty, Kay lhardest 2687 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 259 Social Sciences
Harper, Janeen jharper 2658 Technical Education Building 111 Health Occupations
Harrelson, Kent (Dr.) kharrelson 2587 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 218 English
Harrelson, Leslie (Dr.) lharrelson 4569 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 210 English
Harris, Wayne charris 4461 Technical Education Building 19 Public Safety
Haverland, Bob bhaverland 4507 Gignilliat Memorial Hall G24 Business
Hawkins, Timothy thawkins 2514 Sequoya Hall 141H Technology and Mathematics
Hayes, Janet jghayes 4566 Westcott Administration Building 108 Enrollment Services
Hayes, Travis thayes 2542 Gignilliat Memorial Hall G20 Business
Hays, Kim khays 2581 Peeples Hall 222 Natural Sciences
Headrick, David dheadrick 4461 Technical Education Building 19 Public Safety
Helms, Marilyn (Dr.) mhelms 2600 Gignilliat Memorial Hall 202 Business
Henderson, Nettie nhenderson 4462 Gignilliat Memorial Hall 122 Human Resources
Hendrix, Donna dhendrix 4403 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 222 Liberal Arts
Hennier, Dick rhennier 2456 Gignilliat Memorial Hall G10 Business
Henry, Nick nhenry 4418 Westcott Administration Building 100 Fiscal Affairs
Hibbs, Brian bhibbs 4591 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 209 Communication
Hilgemann, Mike (Dr.) mhilgemann 2167 Sequoya Hall 146 Technology and Mathematics
Hipps, Matthew mhipps 2676 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 242 Social Sciences
Hixon, Sharon (Dr.) shixon 4594 Brown Center 214 Education
Hobbs, Glenda ghobbs 2582 Westcott Administration Building 121 Financial Aid
Hoff, Michael (Dr.) mhoff 2694 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 247 Social Sciences
Hooker, Arlene ahooker 4446 Maintenance Building 100 Plant Operations
Horton, Patricia phorton 4401 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 304 Academic Affairs
Howell, Leah (Dr.) lhowell 2575 Sequoya Hall 227 Natural Sciences
Howie, Shermen showie 706.529.7623 Athletics Building 100 Intercollegiate Athletics
Humphrey, Celeste (Dr.) chumphrey 4451 Sequoya Hall 138 Natural Sciences
Humphrey, Katelyn khumphre 4474 Westcott Administration Building 128 Admissions
Hungerford, Bruce (Dr.) bhungerford 4466 Gignilliat Memorial Hall 211 Business
Hunsicker, Cathy chunsicker 2583 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 105C English
Hunt, Lisa lahunt 2638 Technical Education Building 118A Health Occupations
Hurtado, Alma ahurtado 4429 Pope Student Center 100 Academic Resources
Hutchinson, AnnaKate bookstore 4548 Pope Student Center 100 Bookstore

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