Name Email Phone Extension Building Office Unit
Maddox, Linda lmaddox 4455 Bandy Gymnasium 109 Campus Recreation
Mahan, Carla cmahan 4428 Pope Student Center 112 Student Life
Mahoney, Kelley kmahoney 2593 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 221 English
Mariney, Charlie cmariney 4461 Technical Education Building 19 Public Safety
Marks, Jonathan jmarks 4485 Gignilliat Memorial Hall G5 Marketing and Communications
Mason, Nancy (Dr.) nmason 4565 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 208 Communication
Massingill, William wmassingill 4446 Maintenance Building 100 Plant Operations
Masters, Michael mmasters 4465 Technical Education Building 19 Public Safety
Mathews, Marsha (Dr.) mmathews 4502 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 212 English
May, Tracey tymay 635-1260 Gilmer Campus 100 Gilmer Campus
McAfee, Rebecca bmcafee 4555 Technical Education Building 224 Business
McCarley, Melanie mmccarley 4526 Sequoya Hall 201 Nursing
McGintis, Jackie jmcgintis 2611 Gignilliat Memorial Hall 104A OCIS
McKie-Voerste, Annabelle amckie 2487 Sequoya Hall 229 (back) Natural Sciences
McKie-Voerste, Travis tmckie 4430 Pope Student Center 12 Academic Resources
McKinney, Karen kmckinney 4478 Westcott Administration Building 155 Purchasing
McMurray, Brenda bmcmurray 2190 Westcott Administration Building 153 Fiscal Affairs
Meeks, Aisha ameeks 4572 Gignilliat Memorial Hall G19 Business
Meeks, Aisha ameeks 4572 Gignilliat Memorial Hall G19 Business
Mergel, Sarah (Dr.) smergel 2675 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 244 History
Mesco, Gene (Dr.) gmesco 4497 Peeples Hall 233 Natural Sciences
Mesco, Jacquelyn (Dr.) jmesco 2040 Brown Center 213 Education
Meyer, Andy (Dr.) ameyer 4421 Westcott Administration Building 166 Academic Affairs/Natural Sciences
Miller, Faith fmiller 2034 Gignilliat Memorial Hall 122 Human Resources
Min, Sarah jmin 2978 Lorbebaum Liberal Arts Building 112C Communication
Mohamed, Hussein hmohamed 2196 Sequoya Hall 237 Natural Sciences
Moore, Carol cmoore 2475 Roberts Library 209 Institutional Research and Planning
Moore, Robert rsmoore 4446 Maintenance Building 100 Plant Operations
Mora, Alejandro amora01 2469 Westcott 111 Enrollment Services
Morris, Tammy tmorris 2461 Westcott Administration Building 114 Fiscal Affairs
Morse, Mary Lynn lmorse 4570 Maintenance Building 100 Plant Operations
Moso, Rosalva rmadrig1 4440 Sequoya Hall 153 Science, Technology and Mathematics
Munro, Brynn bmunro 8205 Westcott Administration Building 131B Enrollment Services
Murray, Barbara (Dr.) bmurray 2569 Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building 228 English

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