Mid-term Feedback

Instruction:   Please use this form to submit your feedback form.  Your answer will not have any negative impact on your score.  It only serve the purpose of improving the quality of this class  

When you hit the "submit form" button, a copy of your answer will be forwarded to my-email address.  ------Dr. Baogang Guo

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My mid-term average is , and my goal for this class is

What is your weaknesses? What action plan do you have to improve your score (be more specific and realistic)? Do you have any special need?.

Please tell Dr. Guo what do you think about the way the class is conducted. Which teaching methods and the use of technology  help you the most (such as PowerPoint Presentation, On-line exam/practical quizzes, protected on-line scorebook, etc)

In what ways can this class be improved?  Are there any specific element of teaching (such as allowing more participation, study guide, on-line exam, etc.) that you want  to have or not to have in order to make learning fun and easier for you?.


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