Assignment 1

How Much Do You Know About Georgian Government?
  • In this assignment you are asked to thoroughly study the Georgia Constitution . Several useful web links are provided for you to browse.  After study the material, you are asked to take an open-book test on a Georgia Citizen Test on WebCT

Assignment 2

What Is Your True Color?
  • This is an interesting on-line self-test. By answering some of the questions, the program will test your ideological preference and your ideological affiliation

Assignment 3

Government and I
  • To find out information about your representatives in the federal and state government., election requirement, and campaign contribution  I am sure this assignment will help you to make up your mind on the election day.  But it may take  longer time to complete than other assignments

Assignment 4

Federal Budget Simulation
  • In this exercise, you are asked to balance the federal budget. Find out how much money Uncle Sam is spending each year, and where the money goes.


First Debate

Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action
  • As part of the debate preparation, you are asked to study the issue thoroughly, and try to look at the issue from both sides. A two-page summary of pros and cons of the issue is due at the date of the debate (TBA). The debate will have total points of 30.

Second Debate 

Pros and Cons of National Health Insurance
  • We will follow the same requirements as we did for the first debate.  The links provides some questions for you to prepare for the debate