Published Books

China's Quest for Political Legitimacy: The New Equity-Enhancing Politics
By Baogang Guo
Sep 2010 234 pp 0-7391-2258-4 | 978-0-7391-2258-7 $65.00 Cloth
Thirty Years of China–U.S. Relations: Analytical Approaches and Contemporary Issues
Edited by Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo
May 2010 344 pp 0-7391-4696-3 | 978-0-7391-4696-5 $80.00 Cloth
Dancing with the Dragon: China's Emergence in the Developing World
Edited by Dennis Hickey and Baogang Guo
Apr 2010 240 pp 0739140655 | 978-0739140659 $65.00 Cloth
2010 0-7391-4067-1 | 978-0-7391-4067-3 $65.00 Electronic
Greater China in an Era of Globalization
Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo
Jan 2010 248 pp 0-7391-3534-1 | 978-0-7391-3534-1 $70.00 Cloth
Dec 2009   0-7391-3536-8 | 978-0-7391-3536-5 $70.00 Electronic
Toward Better Governance in China: An Unconventional Pathway of Political Reform
Edited by Baogang Guo and Dennis V. Hickey
Nov 2009 226 pp 0739140272 | 978-0739140277 $70.00 Cloth
0   0-7391-4029-9 | 978-0-7391-4029-1 $70.00 Electronic
China in Search of a Harmonious Society
Edited by Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo
Aug 2008 258 pp 0-7391-2623-7 | 978-0-7391-2623-3 $75.00 Cloth
Aug 2008 258 pp 0-7391-2624-5 | 978-0-7391-2624-0 $29.95 Paper
Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development
Edited by Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo
Sep 2007 250 pp 0-7391-2094-8 | 978-0-7391-2094-1 $75.00 Cloth
Sep 2007 250 pp 0-7391-2095-6 | 978-0-7391-2095-8 $32.95 Paper



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