Hidden Talent

   by Shana Allgood

I have several talents of which I am proud. However, the one I am most proud of is one I do not share with everyone. You could say it is a hidden talent. I love to write poetry. I have been writing since I was about eight years old. I value this talent for three very important reasons. First of all, my life tends to be very stressful. When I write poems, I release so much tension and so many different emotions. Next, I have many personal thoughts going around in my mind. Writing poetry allows me to work through these thoughts. Last, my poems are precious to me. They are clearly a picture of my life. When I have passed away, I want my daughters to have them to remember me.

My life can get pretty chaotic. I have so many tasks to do every day. At the end of the day, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I have no idea how I am going to be there for everyone who needs me. Sometimes I just need to vent. I realize I could tell my husband about how I am feeling. But sometimes I would rather curl up on my bed and just write. I share my stress with the Lord and work through it with my poetry. It may sound silly, but I have written about everything from long lines in the grocery store to how hurt I am that no one has stopped to ask how I am doing. I know I am the backbone of my family. Everyone relies on me. When I write my poems, I have a chance to vent without worrying about disappointing anyone.

To read my poems is to learn much about me personally. I write quite a bit that comes straight from my heart. We have all been hurt and let down before. But we have all experienced joy and happiness, too. My poems reflect on this part of my life also. On my birthday when I am eighty years old, I want to share happiness with my children and grandchildren. I want my daughters to read my poetry and know that everyone has difficulties to overcome in life. I keep records of my highest and lowest points by words that I write.

Last, but the most important reason, I value that my poetry is for my three beautiful daughters. I know that I will not be here forever. However, I hope to see them at their proms, on graduation day, and on their wedding days. I plan to write about every milestone in their lives. Then one day I would like to create books for each of them. I want these books to contain poems and diary entries of mine throughout the years. I want my girls to read them and treasure them every day of their lives. I will be giving them one of the biggest parts of me. I will give them my hopes, dreams, and sorrows.

We all have so many different talents. I can do back flips and sing any song. But I treasure and value my poetry above everything else. I love to go home and curl up on my bed with a pen and paper. Who knows what I might write about? I could write about a rude lady at the bank or the old woman I helped cross the street. Regardless of what I choose to write, I know I will be venting my frustrations, exploring my inner self, or teaching my children a valuable lesson. My poetry is the secret book of my life. It tells a story that I will share with those I love the most.

Shana Allgood, at the time of this writing a freshman majoring in Nursing, wrote "Hidden Talent" for Dr. Dina Rhoden’s ENGL 1101 class during spring 2004 semester.

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