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Communications 1110

The Death Penalty

Cayce Grove

Spanish 2002  
"Colombia y América Central:  Elmundo revolucionario y cladenstino de Gabriel García Márquez y Herenando Téllez"

Candice Mealor

English 1095  
Gospel, Opera, and Alternative Rock???

Kathi O. Smith

English 1101  
Bulls and Hippos Andrea Baker  
Hidden Talent Shana Allgood  
Lifestyles of the Unholy Andrea Wolfsperger  
My Biggest Fear and Greatest Accomplishment Heather Mosier  
My Parents vs. Me Sujin Headrick  
Remembering Me Shana Allgood  
The Serenity of the Ocean Heather Mosier  
Who Was that Woman? Kim Crowder  
Zona Mauldin, A Woman to be Admired Lisa Mauldin Hughey  
English 1102  
Darkness Falls Brandy Long  
Real Heritage, Real People Jadea Burger  
An Honest Portrayal Heather Adcock  
"Only Children Weep" Jereme M. Allison  
Preventing Scars Heather Adcock  
The Solitude of Surrender Jill Blackmon  
The Fruit of Circumstance Derek Grant Vaughn  
The Moral Disloyalty Ashley Hullender  
The Power of a Name David Allen Lea  
Retribution Recoiled Jill Blackmon  
English 2111  
Centuries of Seduction Jill Blackmon  
Servile Harvest:  Revealing a Social Stigma in Medieval and Renaissance Literature Derek Grant Vaughn