Most Unforgettable Experience
Kensli Reed

High school is a time for fun and excitement in every teenager’s life, but my experience of high school ended a little bit differently. There are parties, boyfriends, and ball games that make high school the best years of every girl’s life. My fun ended in eleventh grade. My most unforgettable experience in high school occurred when I got pregnant; I lost all the freedom I had, I never got to see any of my friends, and now I was the girl about whom everyone was talking.

First, losing all the freedom I had was a hard experience for me. I no longer could stay out late and party. I had someone living inside of me that I had to think about. It is very difficult being seventeen and knowing every Friday and Saturday night I would have to sit at home. My baby’s daddy was in and out of my life at the time, but he was not tied down, and I think that was what hurt the worst. He could come and go as he pleased, but I had someone I had to think about every hour of every day.

Second, losing touch with all of my friends was also a difficult experience. I am not saying I lost all contact, because they all called and checked to make sure the baby and I were fine. We just never got to do the things we all did together like going out on dates, going to parties, and just hanging out with each other. I faced the facts: no one wants to associate with a seventeen-year-old pregnant woman.

The third reason this is my most unforgettable experience is that now I was the girl in high school about whom everyone was talking. I was one of the people that would have never thought that I would have gotten pregnant. Did I get a wake-up call or what! Having to see people when I went out and knowing they were talking about me were very difficult experiences, but I am a very confident person, and I was determined to go on with my life and show everyone that this little setback was not going to hold me back.

Kensli Reed, at the time of this writing a freshman in the Early Childhood Education program, wrote "Most Unforgettable Experience" for Ms. Elizabeth Ruh's ENGL 0098 class during Fall 2001 semester.