My Spot in the Swing
Job Solomon Key

Out behind my house, there is a row of fruit trees. At the end of the row, there is a small open building with a swing inside. Sitting in that swing, I can see off the top of the ridge on which my family lives. When I sit there, looking down past the rows of trees and far into the distance, I realize that the place is mine. It is important to me because it is associated with so many memories, it gives me a place to be alone, and it gives me a chance to be outside in nature.

I have grown up living in the same house my whole life, and that swing has been there for as long as I can remember. I have so many memories of that place. Some of my best memories have been very recent. Before we were dating, my girlfriend and I would sit out there for long periods of time just talking. Now that place is full of memories of Shanna. Even now it is comforting to sit there because it reminds me of those times. However, memories of my girlfriend are not the only memories that place holds. Growing up, I have spent time there with both friends and family. I even have memories of sitting there alone, contemplating my life’s events.

In fact, being alone is one of the reasons I go there so much. Having time alone is very important to me. It gives me a chance to think clearly without being interrupted. It seems as if there are now fewer and fewer places where that is possible. No one can bother me there. No one can yell at me, argue with me, or annoy me at all. I guess this place helps to keep me from going crazy. I think everyone needs some time alone. I know I do.

Another wonderful quality about my spot on that swing is the fact that it is outside. It is out in the fresh air and natural light and away from technology. I never bring a cell phone or laptop there. I feel as if technology would somehow corrupt the natural beauty of the spot. I do not need to worry about telephones, cell phones, or e-mails in that spot. The beauty of nature is enough for me. It helps me to clear my mind and gives me time to reflect on what is really important in my life. Away from the stress of technology, I can truly relax.

I have memories of that swing from my childhood through my adulthood. I have good memories as well as bad memories, and I have memories of people as well as of isolation. I can go there and be alone when I need to and sit in nature for a while. It is amazing how just one place has come to mean so much to me. Out of all the places on earth, that swing remains more important to me than any other. I want that place to be there forever, and, in my mind, it will be.

This essay was written by Job Solomon Key, then a freshman in Physics. It was written for Ms. Jane Park’s ENGL 1101 class during Fall 2001semester.