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0098 Essays

As God Made Me
by Andrew Segars

Most Unforgettable Experience
by Kensli Reed


1101 Essays

Educational Freedom
by Nicholas Stiles

My Spot in the Swing
by Job Solomon Key

The Natural Snack
by Misty Oldham

State Fair Syndrome
by Ashley Johnson


1102 Essays

Always Stop to Smell the Roses
by Rachel Daly

An Analysis of Dudley Randall's "To the Mercy Killers"
by David K. Todd

Before It's Too Late
by Rachel Daly

Bold and Daring
by Rebekah Shahan

Escaping Reality
by Patrick Hohol

Hidden Strength
by Brenda Sanders

Lesson Learned . . . the Hard Way
by Rebekah Shahan

Love and Hate
by Christy Andrews-Mulinix

Missing Piece
by Brenda Sanders

The Passing of Time
by Aimee Tripp

A Promise is a Promise
by Rachel Daly

The Ride of Her Life
by Julie Simmons

Self and Society
by Heidi Veal

"Something Old, Something New"
by Rachel Daly

War:  Glory or Horror?
by Perry Dantzler

Whose Life is it Anyway?
by Brenda Sanders


2112 Essay

Moliere's Tartuffe and Feminism in the Enlightenment
by William H. Copeland


2131 Essays

Aftermath of Relics and Shards
by Jeremy Headrick

"Cherubic Creatures"
by Stephanie Chambers

Experimenting with New Styles to Create a new Aesthetic:  Cummings, Stevens, Eliot, and Other Modern Poets
by Robert Clark

Fathoming Twain's Mark
by Jeremy Headrick

The Terrible Teens:  World War I, 1914-1918
by Leslie Marshall

Who is in Charge Here?
by Brenda Sanders

You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover
by Adam Caheely