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Welcome to the English 1101 online course homepage. Requirements and activities for this class will meet the learning outcomes for traditional Freshman Composition. However, this class will also include the use of technology and distance learning to meet these goals.The emphasis in 1101 is placed primarily on planning, outlining, writing, and revising essays. Stress is placed upon exposition, analysis, and argumentation; emphasis is also given to grammar, sentence structure, organization, and diction. This course also includes introductory use of a variety of research skills. Students who discover the need for more intensive grammatical preparation or for more writing experiences before completing English 1101 successfully are allowed and encouraged, with the advice of their instructors, to drop 1101 and pick up English 0098 by the end of the fourth week of the semester.

To get started, look over the syllabus page and make sure to purchase a copy of the textbook as soon as possible. Plan to attend the “technology bootcamp” held during the first week of the semester, and check the assignments and schedule pages to see your first assignment and due date.