Donna Fitzsimons

           In my opinion, many Americans no longer take the time to exercise. Americans would be much healthier if they would take thirty minutes, three to four days a week to exercise. A brisk walk in the morning before going to work or a light work out at the local gym. A variety of exercise would help to raise their heart rate and get the blood flowing properly. There, it's no surprise that many of us suffer with bad health, low energy, and low self-esteem.

           There would probably be fewer work days missed due to bad health if people would do a little more exercising and less sitting on the couch watching television. Proper exercise would also help with weight problems. Many people who are overweight tend to have more health problems than those who are not overweight. Exercising would help them to condition their bodies and reduce the number of doctor visits they would have to make. Simple exercising such as, parking as far away from the entrance of Wal-Mart and walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are a few examples of life style changes that can benefit one's health.

           Many people who experience episodes of low energy could benefit tremendously by exercising. Those who sit behind a desk for eight hours a day and then go home to sit on the couch watching television don't have the energy to do anything else. These people would benefit greatly by going to the gym or going for a walk when they get off work. After doing this for about two weeks they will find they have much more energy than they did before. They would then have the energy to do the things they had been putting off like raking the leaves in the yard or cleaning the garage Maybe if more people added a little exercise in their lives, the office softball team would have more wins than losses.

There are those people who's self-esteem would no doubt increase with a little exercise. Joining an exercise class with a group of peers can help build up their self-esteem when they begin to lose weight. I can only imagine, that it would be difficult for someone to feel good about herself if she weight three hundred pounds and physically was not able to enjoy activities with her family and friends. Generally, people who are overweight also have low self-esteem. As they watch the pounds come off, there will be a glow on their face and they will feel better about themselves.

        Exercise is an important part of living a healthier life. A lack of exercise may contribute to bad health, low energy, and low self-esteem. With that said, I think it's time that I make a few life style changes that will provide more opportunities for exercise. I challenge others to make a few simple changes in their daily activities which will permit some exercise and see if they feel better.

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