Zack ford
"Losing A Best Friend"
      Throughout my life I had many great friends, but I'll always miss my best friend. I was best friends with Samuel for many years until many things happened. I lost my best friend due to a girl, the use of drugs, and changes in our lifestyles.
     First of all, my friendship with Samuel was started in second grade. We played on the playground together that whole year, but half way though the year someone new came into play. This person was Whitney Johnson, and she quickly became my newest attraction. I started liking her that year and never stopped until I was a senior in high school. We dated for ten years, but Samuel put a stop to that. I caught Samuel and Whitney kissing in his truck one day, and I was furious at both of them for a very long time. From that day on, I lost a lot of trust in Samuel.
     Even though Samuel and Whitney broke my heart, I seemed to heal with time. Samuel and I became best friends just like old times. For example, we spent the whole summer at the lake on my boat and had many great times. Also we would lift weights together, but this led to a big disaster. One day I went to Samuel's house , and I caught him using steroids. I asked him to stoop using steroids for a long time, but he wouldn't listen. The steroids would cause mood swings, fights, and depression. Therefore, all of these symptoms made it hard for Samuel and me to get along.
     Last of all, changes in our lives cause us to grow apart. For example, our plans were to go to college together, but because of drugs Samuel never made it. I went on to school, and now I never see him. Whenever I get the chance I try to talk to him, but due to the drugs he is too strung out to talk. Now that Samuel is living a different lifestyle than mine, it's hard for us to talk.
     In conclusion, I lost my best friend due to a girl, the use of drugs, and changes in our lifestyles. Samuel will always be a friend of mine, but until he changes him ways, we will remain the same. If it wasn't for Samuel then I would've never had a best friend in my early life. I hope that one day things will become better between us, but I'll never forget about the reasons we lost our friendship.
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