Enjoyment on Reading


 By Alma Garcia

        To some, reading may be just and assignment, but to me it is a time of learning.  I enjoy reading any kind of book, but as everybody does I do have my favorite kind of book.  I like books about auto-help.  Reading books is and enjoyment to me, but it is also a time to gain sense of control, to relax and to become sophisticated.

I enjoy reading because it helps me to have a sense of self-control.  One day, I was talking with a girl about how important education is Janet, the girl I was talking to, was saying that education was not that important because once she gets married, both she and her husband would work and that would be it.  I told her, “We really have different pint of view.”  Then I remembered I had just read something related to what we were talking about in a book called, Do Not Drown in a Glass of Water.  It said, “Whenever you have a different point of view from someone else, just hear them out and analyze it.  They probably think that way because of what they have live.”  That is what I did, and I controlled myself from being aggressive or pay any mind to her.

Reading a book helps me to relax.  I can read just about anywhere.  My favorite time to read is around four or five in the afternoon.  When I read, I let my mind fly; therefore, reading in a noisy place does not bother me.  I concentrate so much in reading that all my problems or worries go away.  When I was so worried and nervous because I didn’t know if I was going to get my scholarship back for this semester, I read a passage from the Bible, and after reading it, my nerves went away.  After reading, I always think positive.  This is why I feel so relaxed

Finally, reading books makes me to be sophisticated.  Learning new words and their meanings makes my vocabulary to be more extensive.  Reading is gaining knowledge on a lot of things such as culture, history, and many other things.  For example, China’s culture, back to the 1900s foot binding was considered a form of beauty for women.  The woman’s tiny feet, which made it difficult for her to walk, were a status symbol indicating her beauty.  In addition, reading news is another way for me to become sophisticated because I know what is going on in the world.

Reading is an activity that I really enjoy.  Reading helps me to have a sense of self-control, it helps me to relax and it makes me sophisticated.  Because reading is an enjoyment for me, I will keep reading forever.  Reading is an activity that everybody should practice.           

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