Jeremy Marchmon English 1101



I enjoy playing no limit Texas holdem’ poker.  I started playing poker eight months ago.  Now, I play poker every chance I get. I now play a regular game every Thursday and Saturday night with my friends.  I like to play poker because it requires patience, skills, and has money making potential.

            First, I like poker because it is a game of patience.  A player must wait for a good hand, thus making patience essential.  For instance, one must think, “Is this a good hand to play?” or “Can my opponents beat me?”  Both of these are good things to think about when waiting for the right cards.  If a person plays cards without patience, he or she will probably lose during the course of the night.

            Secondly, poker is a game of skills.  The ability to think of all possible scenarios, watch for betting patterns, and get a sense of knowing when people bluff are all very important skills when playing poker.  When thinking of scenarios, one must take into consideration what the other players might have.  This is a must when playing poker because there is always a chance another player might have a better hand.  Watching for betting patterns can also help a person have an idea of what the other person is holding.  A person normally will make a bet if he or she has a playable hand.  Bluffing is really a hard thing to learn about a player.  For instance, a person could make an unconscious gesture when on a bluff, while other players do not give any kind of indication as to what cards they are holding.  Watching for things a player does while betting or playing a hand can usually indicate whether or not he or she is bluffing.  All of these skills are needed to play poker and play successfully.

            Last of all, poker has great money making potential.  I have played poker for eight months, and in those eight months I have accumulated approximately two thousand dollars.  I like the thrill of winning at the end of the night.  I have used the extra money to supplement my income.  In reality poker is like a part-time job, and it is a job I enjoy and do well.

            I play poker because it is a critical-thinking game, and  I enjoy challenging myself and others at the poker table.  I enjoy playing poker because it requires patience and knowledgeable skills to play.  I also appreciate the fact that I can make money doing something I find entertaining.  These are the reasons why poker is the activity I enjoy most.