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Rosa Ocana  

                                                                Effects of Exercise

Exercise is a good physical workout that helps to get in shape. It enables people to be more capable of accomplishing easy tasks. It increases or helps the metabolism to digest and work faster. It helps the heart to stay at a steady pace. Exercise is a good way to stay healthy and live longer. Exercise helps to increase a person's health, energy level and self-esteem.


A person's health is the most important thing that he or she should work on. It is something that he or she should be willing to improve. By exercising the person is able to do more physical activities. Exercising helps a person's heart, muscles, and mind. For example, if a person walks every day for 30 minutes, then he or she will be less tired then a person who doesn't walk for this period of time. Exercise also helps the muscles to get strong and work easier. For instance, if he or she lifts a certain amount of weights every couple of days and slowly changes the amount, then little by little the muscles are getting stronger.


By exercising, the energy level increases and helps the body to get less tired. The more physical activities the person does, the more alert and well off he or she will be. Exercising also allows the person to eat more foods and burn it off quickly. For example, if the person likes to run, then he or she will need more fatty foods so he or she can burn it off. The energy level increases when the person is able to work on more physical activities. Some of these activities include running, swimming, jogging, and lifting weights. For example, when a person is swimming, it requires strength in the arms, racing against the clock or other people, and dedication. By accomplishing these areas, it is easier to do all other tasks.


Self-esteem is also increased when a person exercises. It allows the person to be more confident, open-minded, happy and content with his or her body. He or she will no longer think badly of him or her self because he or she knows the exercise is helping him or her. He or she will feel happy about his or her body because he or she knows it is getting fit. The person's attitude towards life changes too. For example, if a person was overweight before exercising and now is average because of exercising, then he or she will be more confident around others. Exercising also helped the person by allowing him or her to see that there are others with the same problem. For example, if the person goes to the gym, most likely not everyone is in shape, which allows the person to be comfortable and exercise easier.


A person's health, energy level, and self-esteem will increase with exercise. A person's health with exercise allows him or her to develop stronger muscles. The energy level increases by the amount of physical activities he or she does. Self-esteem increases with exercise by becoming confident, happy, and content with his or her body. Exercise is important and helps to live longer, get less tired, and be confident with one's self.

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