Differences Between Big and Little Dogs


by Courtney Paulhamus


            I am lucky enough to have two wonderful dogs.  My dogs, or dog children, as I sometimes refer to them, are both very different.  They not only look different, but act very differently.  My big dog, Shadie, is a pit bull-boxer mix.  She is the most beautiful auburn color.  Shadie weighs seventy pounds, and is solid muscle.  My little dog, Safari, is quite different.  She is a Jack Russell Terrier and weighs only twelve pounds.  I have had Shadie for three years, and Safari for six.  Over this time period, I have noticed a huge difference between large and small dogs.  Everything about my two dogs is different, from the amount of attention they require to the way they play, to the attitudes that they have.

          All animals require a lot of attention, especially mine.  My big dog, Shadie, requires constant attention.  She always wants to be around me.  She follows me around in the kitchen when I am cooking and tags behind me while I am cleaning house.  Anytime that I am sitting on the couch, Shadie hops up, either in my lap or right beside me.  When I have guests come over, Shadie sprawls out in the middle of the living room, rubbing her back on the carpet and playfully growling.  She loves to be the center of attention. Safari, however, is very different.  She is content lying curled up on the couch while I am cooking or doing housework.  When people come over, she hops around for a few minutes, and then retreats back to her spot on the couch.  I always have to keep a close eye on her because she is always into everything.  Last Christmas, she chewed up Christmas tree lights!  After losing countless pairs of shoes and a few jackets to Safariís chewing habit, I have learned to keep a close eye on her.  I am happy that the only thing that Shadie tries to get into is the bin that stores all of her food.

          My two dogs play very differently.  Shadie loves to have her toys thrown for her, to play fetch, and to run around outside.  She also loves to play with other dogs.  I do not think that Shadie has met another dog that she doesnít like.  Safari, on the other hand, is somewhat anti-social.  Safari loves to play by herself with her toys.  If she wants me to throw her toys for her I will, but she isnít as insistent about it as Shadie is.  Safari does not play as well with other dogs as Shadie does; she is definitely the lesser friendly of the two.

          One of the biggest differences that I have noticed between my two dogs is in their attitudes.  I think that their attitudes are the way the act towards other people and their temperament.  Although she is huge and very intimidating to look at, my big dog Shadie has definitely got the best attitude out of the two.  Shadie rarely growls or barks at anyone.  When someone comes to the over, she sits patiently at the door waiting for our guests to get in, so she can bombard them with dog kisses.  I have never seen Shadie act like she was going to hurt someone.  Safari is a little different.  She growls when she meets a new dog, and sometimes new people.  She is definitely more antisocial than Shadie.  Safari is quick to snap at someone who takes her toys away or disturbs her while she is sleeping.

          Although they are both very different, I love my dogs very much.  The amount of attention they require, the way they play, and the overall attitudes of my dogs are amazing to me.


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