Shanna Rogers

A Good Person


            In my eighteen years of life I have came to know many different types of people.  From good people to bad, I have come to cross paths with them all.  Many people have their own definition of what a good person is.  My definition of a good person is someone who is: family oriented, honest, and caring.

            First, a good person would be family oriented.  Being a family-oriented person shows that one appreciates others and is devoted to helping others.  My mother is a shining example of a family-oriented person.  When someone is sick, depressed, or just needs anything, my mother is always there.  For instance, my grandmother has had multiple surgeries, and every time she needs something my mother is always right by her side.  No matter what the occasion or circumstance, a family-oriented person is always present in the time of need.

            Secondly, a good person is honest.  An honest person always tells the truth, even if the truth hurts or becomes a disadvantage to herself.  I look to my grandmother as an honest person.  My grandmother once found eighty dollars in a parking lot.  Even though she could really use the money, she proceeded to turn it in.  Although it would have been easy to have just kept the money, an honest person would turn it in.  I believe that at the time when we may no see the good in doing the honest thing, but in the end we will see the payoff.

            Thirdly, but not less in importance, a good person possesses the quality of being caring.  A caring person cares no only about her family, friends, or acquaintances.  A caring person cares about those less fortunate than herself.  I also look to my mother as a wonderful definition of a caring person.  My mother is always looking out for everyone around her.  For example, my mother was dedicated to helping others through a non-profit organization called  Angel Food Ministries.  During this process she came to know a woman that didnít have much money.  Her husband was disabled, and she was without job.  It was only three weeks until Christmas, and she didnít have the money to buy her son anything.  Without hesitation, my mother offered to do whatever she could to help the woman provide a Christmas for hers on.  My mother involved our family, and we all pitched in money to go get the few things that the boy had on his Christmas list.  My mother gave this little boy a wonderful Christmas without giving herself credit.  Caring is a shining quality of a good person.

            Going through my journey of life, I can only pray that I can acquire my motherís ability to be family-oriented, my grandmotherís honesty, and my motherís ability to care.  The qualities are my definition of a good person.  Good people not only succeed in my perspective, but they also succeed in the world of life.


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