College vs. High School

   Many people think that attending college and high school is very similar. To some extent it is somewhat similar to attend college or high school because in both, people have classes, meet new people, and both of them have teachers. The reality is that there are some big differences between going to college and going to high school. The differences between high school and college are the age of the students that attend, attendance policy, and the cost for attending each.

            One of the biggest difference between college and high school is the age of the student that attend. I am not only referring to the fact that college students are older, but to the different age groups that one finds in college. In college, studentsí ages may range from 18 years old up to 60 years old. In college, there are students of all ages. For example, last semester I had a retired woman in my sociology class. She said that she had come back to school because she wanted to learn more and not for job purposes. On the other hand, in high school, studentsí ages are usually from 15 years to 18 years. There are some cases where students might be 19 or even 20. This is a big difference between the students who attend college and students who attend high school.

             College students have different reasons for attending college. The attendance policy is another difference between college and high school. College students  are not really required to attend classes. Some students leave before the class ends or come in late. Most professors donít say anything when students donít go to class or if they leave early. While in high school, students are required to attend class and to stay there the whole period. In high school, teachers donít let students leave before the class ends or come in late. Also in high school, if a student doesnít go to school, the schoolís staff will call the studentís house to notify their parents. While in high school, many students attend it because it is mandatory to attend. 

            The biggest difference in attending college and attending high school is the cost. The cost of attending college is very different from the cost of attending high school. College students have to pay great amounts of money in order to attend college. They have to pay for their classes, buy their books, and provide their own transportation to school. That is a lot of money in comparison with the money that a high school student has to pay to attend high school. High school students donít have to pay for their classes. They also get to borrow the books free. Most of them get free lunch. Last, there is a bus to take them to and from  school to their house. Almost everything that a high school student needs is provided by the school. This is the main reason why many students donít attend college.

            College and high school may be very similar, but they also have some big differences. I have attended both of them, and the most significant differences I found are the ages of  college and high school students, the attendance policy, and the cost to attend each. Regardless of the differences, they both help one be a better person in life.  


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