My son Avery is the person whom I like the most.  He is nine    

months old, and everything that he does is new.  I love everything

 about him. I am sure when he becomes older and starts being more

 independent there will be moments I will not like him.  For now, he

 remains perfect.  A few of my favorite characteristics about Avery

 are his laugh, his sweet spirit, and the bond with his father.

            The first characteristic I like about Avery is his laugh.  It

is the little things that he finds funny.  If I do something funny, he

laughs really quickly and then stares at me waiting on my next funny

 move.  When he gets really tickled his whole body shakes.  When he gets

 upset he cries hysterically.  We try to calm him by acting silly.  He

will laugh, then immediately start crying again.  All of his different    

laughs are precious.  I treasure every moment that he is

happy and laughing.

            The second characteristic I like about Avery is that he is so

 sweet.  His sweetest moment is early in the morning when he first wakes

 up.  Every morning when he wakes up he raises his little head to make sure

 that we are awake.  When he notices that we are awake, he just smiles

 and lays his head back down on the pillow.  Another sweet moment is when

 we are playing together.  When we play pat-a-cake he just leans over with

 his mouth wide open and kisses me.  It is so sweet when he loves on me like that.

            Another characteristic I like about Avery is the bond he has with his

 father.  Even though Avery is just nine months old, it is obvious he wants to

 be just like his dad.  If Stanton leaves the room, Avery follows right behind

 him.  The same thing is true with Avery as well.  If he leaves the room, Stanton

follows him.  Every evening when Stanton gets home, the two run to meet each

other.  They will crawl around the house one behind the other from room to

room. They are inseparable until the next morning when Stanton has to go

 to work.  When they lie on the couch together, Avery has to lie just like

his dad.  If Stanton says something or makes a noise, Avery has to

 try to say the same thing. They are alike in every way, and that makes

 their bond so special.    

      In conclusion, the person whom I like most in the world is my

son, Avery.  I like his laugh, his sweet spirit, and the bond with his

father.  I hope that when he is older these will still be the traits I like

most about him.  He is such a sweet and precious little man, and I do not

ever want that to change.  However, even as time changes, I know that

he will always be my favorite person.