Parents In The World


Amanda Arceneaux 

      In today's society there are different types of parents. They are spread around the world, they are not concentrated in one area. Mostly they can be categorized as strict parents, moderate parents, and easy-going parents.

       There are still some strict parents left in the world. These types of parents ask every question imaginable. For example, a teenager asked his/her parents to go and be with a friend and the teenagers were not going to any parties or any place that was unacceptable. The parents would ask what the friend's phone number is, who the friend's parents are, the friend's parent's phone number, what car the friend drives, where the friend lives, and so on. The child basically does not come up with the right answers, then the child is not allowed to go out. The parents are also strict on how late the teen can stay out. If the parent wants to be super strict, the teen has to be home as soon as he/she is done with the planned activity. There might also be a different time to be home on the weekdays because of homework, or the teen night not be able to go out at all.

       The less strict parents are known as being moderate. These parents still ask questions, just not as many and not as detailed. The questions might consist of, "What is is the friend's name?" What is the name of the place?" " Who is driving?" " Will I be called if plans change?" This type of parent actually gives some needed freedom. The teenager is allowed to change plans if needed. This teen will also have set times to be home on weekdays, but it will be later than what the strict parent would allow.

       A step down from the moderate parent would be the easy-going parent. This type of parent does not really care about what the teen wears or how the child acts. The teenager could go to a tattoo shop and get a tattoo or piercing, and the parent would say, "if that's what is going to be done then okay." The teen could come out of her room, if the teen was a girl, and be wearing an extremely low-cut top and a skirt that is two sizes too small. All the parents would say was be careful and have fun. This teenager would not have a set time to be home any day of the week. The parents might not even care if their teen comes homes the night. The teen might also be allowed to drink, even if under the legal age. This type of parent does not really care about what the teenager does as long as the teen comes home at times.

       There is no law that states how a parent should act; therefore, the parents will treat their teen how they think is suitable. These parents are very strict, moderate, and easy-going parents. Some parents will let their teen act as tame or wild as their teen wants. These days no two teenagers are treated the same. Parents will always do as they please with their teenagers as far as strictness and discipline.

English 1101 04/18/2007 Ms. Shannon