Denver National Park


by Blake Davis

       I remember the sun creeping into my room as my alarm clock went off. I reached over to turn the snooze button on for just ten more minutes of sleep. As I turned back over to sleep, I could hear the foot steps of my father coming up the stairway. A few seconds later he rushed in and flung the covers off my bed and said, "Son, it is time to get up and hit the road for the big camping trip to Denver National Park." I just wanted to lie there for a few more minutes, but he pushed me out of bed onto the floor. When I finally crawled back onto my bed, my father was already back outside putting the gear in the car. I finally got the strength to get up and get dressed. When I got in the car, I knew I had a long road trip to Denver National Park.

        Six hours later I woke up shivering from the cold Rocky Mountain air. When I set my boots in the snow, it told me right then and there I had made it to Denver. My father and I made our way down to the greatest fishing spot ever known to man. The first few hours we caught around thirteen salmon. When the sun began to settle on the mountain tops, I felt a big pull on my rod. As I began to pull it in, I fell into the river. My father ran over to pull me to safety, but the line broke free.

          The next day we went riding on four-wheelers through Denver National Park. We took our favorite trail down the mountain, alongside the Colorado River. As I made my way over a small shallow part of the river, I spotted two brown cubs. They were playing on the banks trying to catch salmon. As soon as my father saw the two small cubs, he told me to get back over the river and head back to camp.

        When we arrived back to our campsite, my father began to skin and gut the fish that we caught the day before. I cant still remember smelling those salmon as they cooked over the hot, blazed fire. After dinner we got into our sleeping bags and just watched the stars until we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up early and took a walk to my favorite place down by the river's edge. Once I found it, I sat there and thought of all the good times I have spent here. I could see the sun making its way over the tall pine trees. It was the most beautiful sunrise that I have ever seen. I was getting hungry, so I headed back to camp to enjoy a good country breakfast with my father.

         My father's alarm clock woke me up on our last day in Denver. I quickly got up to get dressed, so I could take a nature walk and pack my belongings. As I arrives back, everything was packed and ready to go. When we drove through the park, I knew in my mind I would be back.

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