The Effects of A College Education


By Gabriela Casillas

A college education is the best way to succeed in life. Some people choose to drop out of school before graduating, forgetting that a good college education will bring a better stability to their lives. College is a process that allows students to meet different people, get a higher education, and get a successful career.

When a student is attending college, he or she can meet different people who are going to have a great impact in the studentís life. This is my first year in college, and I have met students who have had experienced the college life. Their experience has helped me in knowing the wrongs and rights of college. The people I have met have had a positive impact in my life. My friends are always helping me. My friend, David has helped me improved in my math class. David even get out one day early from work because I needed help in my math class.  Professors play a big role in students' lives, too. Professors help students grow academically and become successful. As my math teacher did. She helped me improve my math skills and developed some more.


In this day and age an education is very important. College provides students with a vast knowledge that will help them succeed in life. Not only is the information helpful, but it allows students minds to grow intellectually and have more of an open-minded outlook on life. A student learns a lot about how to express him or herself well, in writing, speaking and thinking about what he or she is saying. For me being in college has been a great help. I have learned how to express myself orally in a better way. Last semester I took speech class, and it helped me to be more confident with myself and not fear what people are going to think about me.

The ultimate goal of most college students is to finish school with a degree that will allow students to become financially successful. Most jobs that require a degree have great benefits that students look forward to. Having a college degree gives oneself a lot of opportunities in life. Besides the money that the graduate is earning are the benefits that the jobs offer. For instance, my friend, Ali, just graduated from college and he has a degree in business administration. He just started working for a company at California and it offered him so many benefits. Some of the benefits that he is going to have are paid vacations and medical insurance. College is just the right way to succeed in life and get what one wants in life.



College is a vigorous process that not everyone is ready for. It takes a lot of work and education to complete school and receive a degree. Even though college its a tough process, college has good outcomes such as meeting different people, getting a higher education, and getting a successful career.
Spring 07 1101 Students