The Test

Brandon  Dosch

               Some jobs have its obligations. Some jobs require uniforms. Some jobs require college diplomas. Most of these requirements seem justified by the job. Restaurant employers want their employees looking in sync with uniform. Psychologist needs to go through school before they can go out into the work force. What about drug tests? Should employers be interested in who does and doesnít work with a sober mind? Yes, they should because it helps keep the employee on track, a safe work environment, and it might help the employee quit because of the hassle .


            First , sometimes it is easy to get off track while working. The employee might have a difficult time getting to work especially after a hard weekend of partying. Occasional drug tests force the employee to make a conscience decision about what he or she is going to do his or her weekend or become terminated. Entrez Pubmed did a longitudinal study that proved employees who had tested positive also had a 47% higher rate of involuntary turnover than employees who had tested negative . Drug testing gives enough reason for the employee to say no, which in turn could help the employees long term employment at their job. Drug testing can also help keep an accident free work area.


            Second, taking drugs can damage the user and the others around him or her. Most work areas have tools to supply the employee with, just in case something happens to break. If used in the wrong way, the tools can cause damage. The article on Entrez Pubmed gave information that employees under the influence should not be in charge of any decision making. Their thoughts are more fantasized than those of a sober employee.  When the employee dodges a couple of drug tests, who really likes to feel guilty all the time?


            Third, the test might give the user that reason he or she needed to finally put down the drug. Instead of wasting his/her time worrying over the drug and whether he or she shouldnít take it, he/she can now spend his/her time on more positive things. If he/she dropped the drug, he/she can focus on how to get promotions, or spend time learning a skill or trade on the weekends . Most respectable jobs will not tolerate failed drug tests because companies want the best out of their employees.


            Drugs are a problem. In a national society convinced to be drug free . What is the point of sticking with the bad habit? Drug testing is a prevention technique. It helps keep the work area clean. The test is there to help the employee, not to hurt him/her. It exists to keep the employee on a profitable track, helps stop accidents, and in the end it could help the user to finally ditch the drug.

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