Baseball: America's Greatest Pastime.

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Today if someone were to ask the question “What is America’s favorite pastime?” most people would say football. It has moved to the forefront of the sports spotlight. Baseball reigned for the longest time as America’s favorite pastime. Football is a very great sport and is very interesting, but baseball is a greater test of human athleticism in that it takes much more skill to accomplish something in baseball than it does in football. Many people do not like baseball because they say it is boring. It is true that there is not constant action going on, such as several batters being walked one after another is not very exciting. However, when great moments happen in baseball games, they are something people will remember forever. Baseball started the pull of international players to professional sports in America. Its rich diversity is unmatched by any other sport. Baseball lost many fans during the strike in the mid-1990’s. The Mark McGwire and Barry Bond’s home run chases are credited with giving it some life back, but for me baseball has always been America’s favorite pastime.

            The human mind and body are capable of wonderful things. When a pitcher places his hand in a certain way on a ball, he can do some amazing things. Some pitchers are very powerful and some are skilled, getting the ball to make different movements rather that just go fast. Randy Johnson is a power pitcher. He once nailed a bird flying across home plate and the birds feathers exploded. Greg Maddux is a skill-pitcher. He has never been able to throw really hard, but his pitches vary with so much movement that it can make a batter stand motionless. Andruw Jones is a center fielder and has a strong arm. He can grab a ball against the outfield wall and hurl it into the infield within seconds. These are only a few of the things some of the players can do.

            Many spectacular moments in baseball are remembered forever, mainly from the playoffs and the World Series because of the significance of their result. The Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series in 2001. The game-winning hit was a little blooper over the infield by Luis Gonzalez. After the Diamondbacks fought through seven games with the powerful New York Yankees, they win the whole series on a little drop in the outfield. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. The last time the Red Sox had won a world series was 1918. Coincidently the numbers of the center and right fielders of the 2004 team, 19 was Johnny Damon’s number and 18 was Gabe Kapler’s. The Red Sox also defeated their bitter rival the Yankees.

            Many other countries also love baseball, such as the Dominican Republic and Japan. Many players have come to America to play professionally. Just a few of these players are Ichiro Suzuki, Albert Pujols, Sammy Sosa, Ivan Rodriguez, and Chan Ho Park. Many players go back to their home countries and help the communities with the money they earn. Baseball continues to scout talent from other countries. There is at least one player who gains the spot-light in the preseason every year. A bidding war starts and whomever wins the bid gets to offer the player a contract.

            No other sport compares to the richness of baseball. Baseball, basketball, and football are my favorite sports, but baseball means more to me than any other sport. Whether it is the loud pop of a Randy Johnson pitch, the all-star game-winning homerun by Michael Young or the speed of Ichiro Suzuki, baseball will never cease to amaze me.

America’s favorite pastime lives on.

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