The Tower of London


I have been to many places in my life but none stands out like the London.  With all the wonderful buildings and tourist attractions, one stood out to me above all others. The Tower of London has stood for many things in itís historic past.  The Tower of London is a standard tower with a keep, walls, and a moat.  The brown-stoned, high-walled tower has been a place of celebration and shame. The current feeling of the Tower, by many living in England, is that of pride.




What lies inside is what really sets it apart from all others. The Tower of Londonís history has gone from a prison, to currently holding Englandís most precious artifacts. Inside the keep, guarded with the utmost care, the royal jewels are stored, as well as The Hope Diamond.  Aside from the jewelry, there are important documents stored.  One such document is the Magna Charta, which defines the role of the current way the British government is conducted today.  The historical Tower also holds countless numbers of rare artwork.




Englandís pride for the Tower of London is shown also the pristine tidiness of the grounds.  The grounds of this timeless place are kept clean and orderly.  The detailed care of this prominence is a symbol of Englandís pride. The grass is kept mowed and edged almost daily.  The walks visitors use to travel this wondrous place are always kept clean.  The walls that carry scars of its past are all skillfully maintained.  These walls are cared for in a way that speaks volumes about the caretakers.  The sacred feeling visitors get as they walk around is as if being on holy grounds.




Tours of the Tower are given by formal caretakers called beefeaters.  The beefeaters care for the grounds, but also for passing along the Towerís rich history.  The well-informed guides pass along well-known facts and the little-known quips of the Tower.  Bloody Tower would be an example, passed along through the years, named for the murder of two crowned princes. The princes, who slept in the Tower, were thought kidnapped.  They were found years later during upgrades to the Tower. The killer it appears had hidden the bodies inside, under the Tower stairs.




          The Tower is a place of wonder to all that visit. Visitors come away with a feeling of the pride that England has for such a historical place.  When they speak of the Tower, they speak of a place that gives them pride.  The pride of the Tower is shown through in how it is kept and shared to the world.  An old saying of Britain is, if the ravens ever leave the Tower, England will fall.  The pride and care of the Tower says to the world that England will never fall.  The Tower of London will show as a beacon of what London stands for.


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