I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. My softball team made it to the championship game and it was up to me whether or not we won. The pitcher wound up, and released, and waited on my reaction to the ball. I closed my eyes and swung the bat. I didn't even feel the connection. Everyone was screaming at me, encouraging me to run. We won the game. The ball had gone over the centerfield fence, and I scored the winning run. Softball is a major part of my life and has several different meanings to me. It can be very competitive and help build one's character, not to mention, the possibility of gaining life long friends.

        Of course, softball is just one of many competitive sports. I suppose I'm just better at this sport more than others. When I am on the field and the opposing team is leading the game, I get a rush of adrenaline and think of everything my teammates and I could do to take the lead. Our hearts race as we run the bases. The palms of our hands become sweaty while waiting for the opponents to hit the ball in any direction. Competition is exhilarating. A competition is supposed to be enjoyed whether it is won or lost.

        As a softball player, I have learned many lessons from my experience playing ball. I have acquired better qualities which reflect in my character. For instance, at the beginning of every game my teammates and I join the opposing team in prayer. Every other person should be of the opposing team, combined into a circle, and holding hands. It shows respect and sets a good mood for the game. Softball is a chance for one to express their natural characteristics and possible learn better qualities. This can lead to earning friendships that may last a lifetime.

        The softball field has been the best place for me to acquire great friendships. A great personal example for me would be my best friend Brenia. If we didn't play softball together at school and on traveling teams, we wouldn't have ever had a chance to get to know one another. She and I have been friends ever since my freshman year in high school. When our sophomore year came around, she said she wasn't going to play without me. We practiced every day and in that time learned everything about each other. I made the team, and everywhere I was she seemed to be there too. I was centerfield, and she played right. She was batter number five and I was number six. This is just another reason why softball means so much to me.

        Now I hope everyone can understand my place in softball and what it means to me. Softball is not only a sport, but it is competitive, helps build character, and is a great way to gain awesome friendships.

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