The Differences of Two Siblings

by Ellen Le



Three years ago, my family and I went to attend a Vietnamese church on Mother’s Day.  After the service was over, a soccer game was held on a field that belonged to the church.  My sisters, my cousin, and I participated in the event.  I played the position of defense, and it allowed me to watch every player on the field.  I realized that my sister Lynda had absolutely no skills while Kathy was demonstrating her athleticism by being all over the ball when it came her way.  I laughed so hard because Lynda looked so awkward running, and when she kicked the slow-moving ball, she had completely missed it.  She has never been great at sports whether it was basketball, baseball, or track.  Lynda has never succeeded in being athletic.  On the other hand, Kathy excelled in the sports Lynda was successful in; she can also play soccer, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee.  At first glance, it is easy to tell which of my two sisters is more athletic.  Lynda’s body shows that she is not athletic at all because she has scrawny legs, has absent muscles, and she has weak strength.  Kathy however, us the exact opposite because she has thick toned legs, has somewhat muscled arms, and she has strength that is all-around stronger than Lynda.

            Aside from athleticism, religion is a huge factor when contrasting Lynda and Kathy.  Lynda does not go to church unless there is a special event involving food.  Lynda avoids going to church because she feels that she would be a hypocrite partly because she goes out every weekend to drink and party.  Lynda also dislikes church activities and never participates in them because “there is no need to” and it just seems “useless” to do so.  Kathy is currently a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where she is now residing in Cambodia.  She has dedicated a year and a half to serve God and change the lives of Cambodians and neighboring Vietnamese who live in Cambodia with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Kathy is very happy living righteously and is proud to be a big part of the church.

      The church also sets up certain family values and standards which Kathy follows strictly. Going to church or not actually gave my two sisters a certain outlook on family. Lynda is always absent from church, so she misses the teachings about family. She tends to decide that she will do whatever she wants without the "church judging" her. Lynda does not plan out anything she does. When she was nineteen years old, she had her first kid. A year later, she married the father of her first child. The relationship between the two was unstable, and eventually the two separated. Recently, Lynda is engaged to the father of her second child and is planning to marry in June. At the arrival of her second child, Lynda made the decision to finally settle down and end the spontaneous outings. When Kathy attends church, she looks forward to having a family where she can teach it to love, care, and be compassionate to others. But before she starts a family, she would like to achieve her goals first. She plans to achieve a career first, and then be finally settled down before meeting the right man.

      A few years have gone by and Lynda and Kathy still differ in athleticism and religion. Family, however, is the one thing that they have in common. Even though situations of how the family for either sister came about, the values of love for each other and always being there for one another is mutual. Despite their differences the two sisters are now strongly bonded because they are family, and will always be there for one another.

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