Moods Affected by Weather









            We were sitting in the front porch of my sisterís doctorís office. As we sat, a light wind blew, and since we drove to this place in Tepoztlan we were kind of tired already, so this wind was making us feel sleepier. Since we arrived early, the doctorís secretary asked us if we wanted to go for a walk that we could because the doctor was going to arrive within an hour or so. The sun was really hot, made me kind of sleepy, and it also put me in a bad mood. Moods are affected by weather whether it is blazing hot, rainy, or windy.

            When someone goes to a place that is really hot, he might end up in a bad mood, and make him not want to go outside, and he might not want to do anything later on. Hot weather can create headaches and usually people will end up just wanting to be in bed. There are others who enjoy the hot weather because they can go out and get a sun tan. But there are also those who get irritated and hate it when it is really hot.

            When it is raining outside, people usually just want to stay inside. When people go out, they get wet even when they take an umbrella or a poncho, so usually that is why people do not go out during rainy days. Rainy days create muddy lawns, and they might end up slippery, and people might fall, and to prevent from falling or having any other accident they prefer to stay at home where they might be safer. If they go out and fall that would put them in a bad mood and might have a bad day for the rest of the day. When things are planned out and it starts to rain, that usually puts some people in a bad mood because that ruins it for them. On the other hand, there are those who end up in a good mood towards the rain, especially if they plant vegetables, fruits, or plants because their crops will get the water they need.

            When there is that light wind outside, that creates a good sensation to someone. Some like those days because they can go outside and lie on their hammock and swing gently and let the wind blow swiftly through them. Others when they have a very rough day in front of them they do not like those days because it makes them feel sluggish and that ruins their day, yet when they get home they can relax outside on their hammock and just lie their. Moods can vary also depending on the day that will come eventually. Some people enjoy those days by going to the parks with their children and flying kites. With the kids, it creates a good sensation because they are free to go outside and play.

            Mood is usually affected by weather in some way. Some people are affected in a good way but then there are those who are affected in a bad way, depending on the day. The mood affected by weather sometimes has a little to do with the seasons because it might be rainy and ruin it for him, too cold to go outside, or to hot that she might even sweat in a very important event of hers and can create a certain odor if not careful. Peopleís moods are affected when it is hot, rainy, or windy outside depending on their schedule for that day.


















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