I Know I Can Do It


            In my family my father is always encouraging me. I am 31 years old, and I have three young daughters. I raise my active daughters by myself.  Going back to school and being a single mom is difficult. With my fatherís words of encouragement and his help, I know I can do it.  He encourages me with school, kids, and my relationship with God.

            My fatherís words of encouragement for school have always been, ďI know you can do it.Ē I told my parents a year and a half ago that I wanted to go back to school for nursing.  Of course, my mother was worried how I was going to go back, and also how I was going to manage three kids. My father, on the other hand, was very encouraging.  My father was always telling me the sun will come up in the morning just like it goes down in the evening. He knew also that going back to school and getting a nursing degree would be the best for my family in the future.

            Not only does my father encourage me with school, but the most important thing in my life: my children. My father keeps pushing me when I get stressed to get up and go on with life.  The children are a huge, delightful, stressful and time-consuming everyday part of my life. My father helps get the girls picked up from school a couple times of week. By my dad helping me with the children and spending time with them, I can get my homework done. My father encourages me every day keep up the good work and work hard at it. He knows that raising three children and going back to school full time is very hard.

            My father encourages me every day but always tells me to stay close to God. By staying close to God, I can do anything. When I get down on myself throughout the day, I just pray. My father said that God should be on my mind when I get up in the morning, and also God should be on my mind when I lie down at night.  Sometimes when I have homework, ball practices, and kidsí homework, I get overwhelmed.  I get very stressed, and I just want to lie down and cry. Everything builds up through the long week, but on Sunday mornings I sit with my parents at church, and it seems that all of my problems quickly disappear. All of my thoughts about being overwhelmed in school and also with the kids go away.

            I do know that if it were not for my father, my life would be uncontrollably crazy. My fatherís words of encouragement and his belief in me have taken me where I am today. I know with the simple words from my fatherís mouth, I can continue to go back to school, raise my children on my own, and keep my relationship with God.

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