Pets and Kids

by Tianna Moody

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       Having children and having pets are alike in many ways. They both require a great deal of love and attention. Also, they both are very expensive. Children and pets also have a tendency to be very messy. Aside from their appearance, they have a lot in common.

        Children need to be loved and cared for all the time. This is a constant emotion that they need to be shown. Children become aggressive and reclusive if they are not shown the proper love and care. They also do not grow emotionally or socially if they are not shown this. Pets also need to be shown love and care, or they have a tendency to be aggressive. Animals also do not grow emotionally or socially if they are not loved. Both children and pets, however, can be sent in for psychological help.

       Children and pets can be extremely expensive. Young children need diapers, baby wipes, formula, and other baby essentials. Children also need clothes to wear. Children's clothes are extremely over priced. Children will wear clothes for only a few months before they need a whole new wardrobe. Also as the children get older the toys get bigger and more expensive. it is also very important to feed children. While they are babies, they eat out of a bottle. In addition to the formula costs, there are the costs of bottles too. Animals also need special food and baby animal essentials to get through the day. If a person gets and animal before it is a certain age then it must also be bottle feed like a baby. Animals have clothes too. Just like children they grow out of them and need new ones. It is also true that as a pet gets bigger the toys get bigger and more expensive too. Pets and children are equally expensive.

       Children and pets also have another quality they share. They both have the amazing ability to completely destroy a room. Children seem to love  to make messes. For example, my niece took the roll of toilet paper and completely unraveled it. Toilet paper was everywhere. She thought this was hilarious until she got into trouble. Animals also like to  make messes. Not twenty minutes later the new roll was being unraveled by a new culprit. My puppy seemed to think that this was just as amusing as my niece found it to be. That was until the puppy got in trouble too. Yes, I had the same reaction from both of them. However, it didn't take long for either of them to cheer up and start making more messes.

       It is true that children and pets are have a lot in common. They both need lots of love and attention. They both need to be cared for. If they don't get this, it can have long term damage. The both of them are very expensive. Also, they can both have the tendency to be messy.



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