A Good Person       

                         By: Jake Parker

What is necessary to be considered a good person?  The dictionary defines a good person as someone who is good to other people.  But what exactly is being good to other people? Does it mean being compassionate or loving?  What about forgiveness and selflessness?  All these are true, but I think the most important concepts of a good person are selflessness, being a good listener, and forgiveness.

            I think in order to be a good person, one has to be selfless.  Selflessness is when a person has less concern for oneself and more for the welfare of others.   A good example would be an average person who notices a homeless man without a jacket.  Itís cold, he thinks about how lucky he is, and he gives his jacket to the man.  He, too, is cold and will continue to be cold until he gets home, but at least he has a home.  He doesnít even know the man, but he gives up his jacket willingly.  A good person doesnít hesitate; he cares enough about othersí well being to give up something of his own for someone else.  A good person doesnít care only about himself, but more for the people around him.  A good person isnít selfless to impress other people, but just to be helping out a fellow person.

            Next, a good person has to be a good listener.  People like to tell others about their problems.  Listening is different from hearing.  Listening is when one pays close attention to the speaker, and hearing is when one just goes through the motions. Good listening skills make a person more dependable and others will feel comfortable asking for advice and help. A good person will listen to family and friends without hesitation.  He will sympathize with them and give them an outlet.   For example a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend.  She goes to her friends for an outlet.  Her friends are there to help her get over him.  A good person wouldnít turn anyone away saying itís not his/her problem. A good person would even turn a stranger away.

            Finally, a good person is forgiving.  He/she realize that everyone makes mistakes.   A good person does not hold a grudge, but instead forgives.  I can remember back in high school when my friend stole from me.  I caught him stealing my wallet, a pair of pants, and a shirt.  Even after being betrayed by a friend, I still forgave him.  We are still friends today, and I trust him in my home.  A good person always forgives no matter what the circumstances are.  Without forgiveness, someone would live a long bitter life and make the people around him/her miserable.  A good person tries to make the world better.

            What is a good person? A good person cares about his actions.  A good person wants to help other people whether itís listening or forgiving.  A good person puts others before himself.  To me, selflessness, good listening skills, and forgiveness are what constitute a good person.





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