Weather Affects Peopleís Moods


            When a person thinks of the weather, does it make him happy, depressed, or angry?  Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the weather affects our moods.  There are three ways it affects us.  First of all, a person can be happy because of the weather outside.  He can also be sad during some types of weather.  The last mood a person can be in because of the weather is angry.  These three moods happen because of weather.

             One mood a person can be in because of the weather is happy. During the summer time everyone is always smiling.  This is because of the beautiful sunshine surrounding everyone.  During the summer months most everyone is going on vacation.  Whether it is to the beach or to the gorgeous mountains, everyone seems to be more laid-back and positive.    People tend to be reminded of their stress-free, worriless childhood summers and other happier times.  Everything is bright and cheery outside during the summer, which is a welcomed change from the dreariness of winterís gray and white monotony.  These are examples of how weather can change a personís mood in a positive way; however, there are two negative changes in mood that can be caused.

            Another way weather affects a person's mood is by making him depressed.  This is because during the wintertime it is cold outside and everyone always stays at home in order to keep warm.  When it snows, all a person can do is look out the window at the barren trees with their white dusted limbs and the ice on the ground.  Even without snow, the landscape looks lifeless and dark.  Animals are hiding, trying to keep warm, so everything seems still and lonely.  It is hard for a person to be joyous if he is home bound looking out at the dreary, gray scenery that was so colorful and full of growth only a short time ago.  Seeing all the gloom that winter brings is enough to make a person depressed.

             The last effect weather has on a person is by making him angry.  Bad weather can spoil a personís plans for the weekend. It may also ruin a work schedule if transportation has to be canceled or delayed.  Most people enjoy being outside or simply riding with the window down as they drive to their desired destination.  If it is rainy, cold, or extremely hot, then one may be angered by having to stay indoors.  Having plans and daily routines destroyed because of weather, foreseen or otherwise, can make a person very angry.

            The weather can have a huge effect on a personís mood.  Warm weather that allows people to get out of their houses and enjoy the fresh air can make them relaxed and happy.  A person may get depressed when the weather turns cold and wet in the gloomy months of winter.  If a person is forced to stay indoors or has to change his schedule due to the weather, then he may get angry.  These are three ways that the weather can affect someoneís mood.



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