Jordan Andrew

            Webster’s Third Edition Dictionary defines S.C.U.B.A., S(self) C(contained) U(underwater) B(breathing) A(apparatus), as a breathing device used for extended periods of underwater swimming. There is special equipment that is needed for people that scuba dive. While underwater, the scenery that is encountered is unbelievable. Scuba diving is a hobby that many people have come to enjoy, but some have made it an occupation.

            The equipment needed for scuba diving varies on the type of diving that is involved. Some of the standard equipment for scuba diving is a mask, a snorkel, and fins. Other equipment that can be rented at a local dive shop are: BCD, regulator, tank, wet suit, dive computer, and depth gage. The depth or location in which one is diving also determines the type of equipment that should be used. At some depths a totally enclosed suit is needed. Some locations are so cold that a heated wet suit or dry suit is needed to prevent hypothermia. The proper equipment should be worn, when diving, in certain areas to ensure safety. Not wearing the proper equipment may make the dive experience not enjoyable.

            The scenery underwater is something that is unbelievable. Depending on the dive location the scenery will vary. Most people like diving in warm water where it is crystal clear and they can see a lot of wild life. Some of the scenery in these areas are: tropical fish, coral, sunken boats, and many other interesting things to explore. In other locations the scenery is a lot different. In some locations there is not any scenery because the water is murky and the visibility is low. These types of dives are usually the ones that professional divers go on.

            To most people diving is nothing more than a hobby, but to others it is an occupation. A person that scuba dives as an occupation usually is very qualified and has gone through extensive training. The people that dive this way usually do it commercially or they are Aquatic Biologist or they are in the military. Others are police officers and even people that work on oil rigs out in the ocean. These are the type of people who have to wear completely enclosed wet suits because of the depths in which they will be descending. They are also risking there health, because when going to these most extreme depths one must be careful when ascending to the surface. They must be enclosed in a chamber to bring there air pressure back up to the atmosphere that we live in. As long as the proper steps are taken when surfacing after being a great depths scuba diving would make for a great occupation.

            Scuba diving is an unforgettable experience. With the proper equipment for the depth and location in which one dives, a person could enjoy themselves and be safe at the same time. While underwater the scenery that is beheld is one in a life time. Depending on the dive, a person could see all different types of wild life, and they might even find something new. Like if a person went to the next level and made scuba diving not just a hobby, but an occupation. People will never stop scuba diving as long there is more ocean to explore.


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