Problems in a Romance Relationship


           A relationship requires a commitment between two people in order to make the bond work. There are many problems that couples face when pursuing a relationship. The most common things that can ruin relationships are trust issues, lack of interest, and different paths in life.

            A relationship between two people is normally built upon trust. Building trust requires a lot of effort between two people, especially if they hardly know one another. If two people cannot trust one another, their relationship may not work out. If a couple trusts each other and one person breaks that trust, it would be hard for the other person in the relationship to forgive and forget. Trust can be broken by many things. If a guy in a relationship cheats on his girlfriend, it would be hard for her to forgive him. Who is to say that he will not do it again? It could be that a girl in a relationship lies to her boyfriend about something. If her boyfriend forgives her, she may lie again because she knows she can get away with it without breaking off the relationship. Cheating and lying are just two of the many examples of breaking a couple’s trust. It is important for couples to avoid those issues if they want their relationship to work.

            Another way a relationship would not work out is because of lack of interest in one another. If a couple is simply not attracted to each other, they why build upon a relationship? It could be that the person whom someone is dating does not have a good personality or sense of humor. If a couple can think about more negative things that positive things to say and think about each other, chances are they do not have chemistry and it will cause a relationship to fall apart.

            Lastly, a relationship will be ruined if a couple intends on taking different paths in life. A young person who has undecided career plans might avoid a commitment in a relationship. It might be that one person in a relationship wants to move away to pursue his/her career goals and get a degree. Long distance relationships are not usually desired by couples and should be avoided, if possible. A lot of young people who are in a relationship think that they are not ready for a commitment because they want to meet new people to see if the person they are with is who they want to spend the rest of their life with. When someone is ready to settle down into a relationship, he/she should make sure that whoever he/she is with is willing to settle down as well and both parties are on the same level in a relationship.

             There are so many obstacles and problems that couples face in a relationship. It could be trust issues, lack of chemistry or interest, and different career plans. Couples need to make their relationship aspects clear and up to par with each other so that their relationship will work out.
















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