Spencer Eades English 1101

November 15, 2006

My Dream Vacation

            The pristine clear water of Lake Allatoona glimmers beneath the golden sun, azure sky, and lush pines of central Georgia as I step off the small pontoon boat and onto the island I left long ago.  Behind me, my most trusted friends and band mates unload their instruments and other belongings, eager to jump into the lake as well as their own personal ideas of childhood innocence.  Looking up at the small, rustic-looking, yet deceptively modern cabin that had once been my family’s getaway, I feel the first feelings of nostalgia.  Everything from the porch swings to the wood-burning fireplace is exactly how I had left it almost ten years ago.  As I think about my island retreat, the abundance of activities to do, and the connection of the whole event to my childhood, I can’t help but smile; this will be an interesting trip.

            The weather for this week, according to recent forecasts, will be particularly pleasant, generally warm and sunny, with only one day of hard rain.  This is all right by me as it gives us an excuse to stay inside and practice.  The island itself is essentially a massive, centuries-old sandbar covered with pines and teeming with wildlife from the mainland.  Once an uninhabitable shelf of dirt, it had evolved quickly to become as natural a part of Allatoona’s ecosystem as the lake itself.  The woods of our unnamed private island are filled with the sound of birds and trees in the wind, the thick smell of pine that would eliminate the need for an air freshener, and the general atmosphere of being a million miles away from civilized society.

            Beyond merely enjoying the scenery, there are plenty of things to keep us occupied during our stay.  By far the most enjoyable of these would utilize the motorboat we were given for our stay.  If it were just me, I could stay out for hours fishing or just gliding through the huge lake; however, with my friends we could do things like waterskiing and inner tubing.  Though there are no human-made trails on the island, it would be a simple matter to carve a path through the widely spaced trees and find an ideal spot to sleep under the stars.  With all this going on, there wouldn’t be much reason to stay inside the cabin all day, but with all the modern conveniences, as well as plenty of places to plug in an amp or recording equipment, my friends and I can be sure to stay occupied long after the sun goes down.

            The best part about most of the activities we could plan on doing is the nostalgia.  Whether I was swimming during summer camp at the local Y.M.C.A., kayaking down its tributary Rose Creek, or jumping over my own wake in my dad’s speedboat, my childhood would not have been complete without my lake, or the surrounding forest.  This island was sort of a focal point for all the aquatic activities me and my family would do as well as hiking and camping in the wilderness.  I could recall timeless hours spent exploring the wilderness.  The residents of the woods would go about their daily business as I watched in awe at what amazing things lived only a short drive away from my home.  I am every bit as proud of that splendor as I am now, revisiting the lake.

            I chose this vacation spot because it is very relaxing, but at the same time I would be able to get some work done.  Revisiting my old stomping grounds would be an excellent way to relieve the tension brought on by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Though I haven’t returned to that place since I moved to Dalton, every day I long to see Lake Allatoona, to do every activity it has to offer, and to rediscover my past.


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