Shelley Edwards

Eng 1101

Sports Fans

"Crazy Fans"

            Hockey, football, soccer, baseball, and golf- these are all different sports, and with that come different types of fans.  Across the world, there are fans of all kinds of sports; sports are a universal pastime.  The youngest of children up to elderly people enjoy watching sports.  There are three types of sports fans: the crazed fan, the fan who watches the game at home, and the fan who only checks the scores.

            The first type of sports fan is the crazed fan.  This is the one who buys season tickets and paints his or her face team colors.  It is always fun to see these wild fans on the television- jumping up and down and yelling to the point they lose their voices.  Sometimes though, these are the fans who can get a little too excited.  For example, there was a basketball game that happened about two years ago.  The players got up into the stands, and some fans threw their drinks at the athletes.  This caused the players to get angry, and the fans were arrested.  So, sometimes it is not wise to be a crazed and wild fan. 

            Some enjoy staying home and watching the game.  The second type of sports fan is the one who stays at home and watches the game.  Either with friends or by him or her self, these fans enjoy relaxing while getting into the sport they enjoy.  These fans might like staying at home because the television puts them closer to the action.  If one had bad seats at the game, one would not be able to see what was going on.  On the other hand, if one is home, they are right there with the players.  Staying at home also gives one time to socialize with friends.  Ordering pizza, drinking soda, and watching a game is a pastime shown very often on television commercials worldwide.  Watching Monday Night Football with one’s boyfriend or girlfriend can also act as a way to get closer to him or her.  So, stay-at-home sports can be a very enjoying pastime for some.  There also are those who only like to check the scores. 

            The final type of sports fan is basically a lazy or busy fan.  These are the ones who watch ESPN at night, just to check the scores.  If a woman was married, she would probably like to have a husband like this.  This allows him to spend more time with his wife or entire family.  On the other hand, maybe this sports fan is both a sports fan and a workaholic.  This fan might really like sports, but they do not have the time to watch sports like they used to.  This fan is best also because it is not a good idea to get obsessed with sports, just like it is a good idea not to get totally obsessed with anything. 

            There is an array of different types of sports fans.  To begin with, there is the crazed fan who goes to all of the games.  The next type is the most relaxed- the stay-at-home fan.  This fan enjoys watching the game with friends and socializing.  The final type of sports fan is the busy or lazy fan who just checks the scores at the bottom of the screen on ESPN.  All these types of sports fans are great in their own way.  One can decide which kind of sports fan one wants to be. 
















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