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Should Parents Be Held Responsible For The Actions Of Their Teenage Children? 

If parents should be held responsible for the actions of their teenagers is very serious in the world today. The teenage years are the most difficult times in life. Some people believe that parents should be held  responsible for the actions of their teenage kids. However, I believe that parents should not be held responsible for the actions of their teenagers for many various reasons.

While parents may like to monitor their kidís movements all the time, it is just not practical or possible. Even if parents think they know all that their kids are getting up to, someone can bet that a lot do not know the half of the mischievous actions that they are making. However, parents would probably disagree with this statement. Regardless if the parents are monitoring their children all the time or not, it is still not possible to know everything kids are doing day in and day out. Knowing these facts, the parents therefore cannot be held responsible for their teenage childrenís actions.

In addition to monitoring their kids all the time, parents of teenage children cannot be held responsible for their kidís actions because once you have raised the children properly; it is up to the kidís to make their own decisions for their actions. No matter how hard parents try to bring their kids up as they would like, they cannot be held accountable for the actions of a hormone-packed teenager. There are various temptations which teenage life inevitably throws up to one to have to face. Many will see the other kids doing things and will join them purely to confirm or to fit in. It is all about social status within groups for teenagers. No kid wants to be the outcast, so many will be influenced by what other say and do. Most of this will happen away from the parents, which proves why parents cannot be held responsible for their teenage kidís actions.

In addition to the information above, rebellion is another reason why parents cannot be held responsible for their teenagerís actions. As kids grow up parents may give them rules and regulations. In response to those rules and regulations, they may make the decision to rebel. For example, my mother said, ďWell, when I was a teen, I got into some trouble, not as bad as some, but I do not blame my parents for the things that I did. I did these things to rebel against my parents, it was not their fault.Ē Parents are simply not in a position to have any control over rebellion and therefore cannot be held responsible for their teenage childís actions.

It is obvious, but also understanding, that parents would love to make every decision for their teenage child during their struggle in life. However, it is simply impossible; teenagers are responsible for making their own decisions, which should definitely make them accountable for their own actions.    


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