by Douglas Hall

Being a friend is a duty that people must face day to day. It is oneís responsibility to be good at this key role. Without friends, people would have no one to turn to for advice, guidance, and moral support. A good friend can be defined as loyal, supportive, and caring. Very few people of todayís society posses these attributes. These three specific ingredients make the perfect friend.        


Loyalty is merely a single characteristic of a good friend. Loyalty van be described as faithful and abiding. A loyal friend is aware of oneís feelings and thoughts. For example, a loyal friend has the ability to detect when something is truly important to the other person: therefore, he keeps his word and abides by what was promised. This character would never mislead his friend, nor would this character abandon the friend during the time of need. A true loyal friend will always be there for a person. Loyalty is a strong aspect which good friends must carry.

Another aspect of a good friend is being supportive. Being supportive is important because a person needs to be assured that he is making a correct decision. When difficult decisions need to made, a supportive friend is right by his friendís side, helping to determine the proper decision while outweighing all costs and risks. A friend is there to guide one along with helpful words of wisdom and honesty. Support is a mandatory characteristic in a friend.

The most important factor of a good friend is the ability to care. A person needs a friend to care for him in times of sadness, sickness, and confusion. During a depressing time in oneís life, a caring friend is needed to express concern and offer encouragement. When sick, a person might enjoy a friendly visit to help cure a frowning face. Knowing that someone cares is a nice feeling to have. When a friend is confused about a subject, I give him all the knowledge I can. Without this necessary quality, the other two, supportiveness and loyalty, would be impossible to express. One must care in order to be a good friend. I try my best to give my friends what they need, and they do the same for me. Showing affection and providing for a friend prove that one is a good character; therefore, he is an excellent friend to have.


         Having all the necessary qualities is important when being and choosing a friend. Without certain qualities such as loyalty, supportiveness, and caring, one would not classify as a good friend. It would be hard to imagine having a friend without these traits, because in reality he would not be worth having. Being loyal, supportive, and caring defines what a truly good friend should be.

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