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Assignment #1  
Email the following information to the instructor, Christy Shannon (cshannon@daltonstate.edu):
  • your name
  • current work, home/cell, and message telephone numbers
  • email address
  • complete mailing address
  • major/program of study/career goals (or your thoughts on this topic
  • explanation of why you're taking English 1101 online
  • version of MS Word (year) & Internet ISP at home (Be sure you have MS Word and not Works -- MS Works will make your online writing/editing difficult and is NOT recommended.
  • level of comfort with a) keyboarding/ b) using the Internet/ c) using MS Word to format papers, edit your work, save files, etc.
  • what you hope to gain from this course and offer to your classmates.
In-class essays

5% each for a total of 15%

Over the course of the semester, there will be three timed essays written in class. The schedule page gives the dates on which these essays will be written. Guidelines for the in-class essays can be found on the policies page. The structure of these five-paragraph essays should follow the instructions presented in the PowerPoint entitled “Essay Structure.” Some essay topics will not be distributed in advance; they will be given out the day you come to campus to write the essay. These essays must be written in class. You are permitted to bring in outlines if you have been given the topics in advance. Completed essay will be submitted to the instructor via email. Revisions of these essays are required.
Out-of-class essays


There will be three essays written outside of class. The first one is worth 10% of your final grade, the second worth 15%, and the third worth 20%.  The third essay will include a research component. Rough drafts of each essay must be submitted by noon on the day they are due. Failure to submit a rough draft will result in the deduction of 25 points from your essay grade. Students are required to peer edit essays via email and using the track changes and add comment features on Word. Failure to carefully peer edit another classmate’s essay will also result in the deduction of 25 points from your essay. Final drafts of essays are due by noon on their assigned due dates.
Responses to prompts posted on the message board/ participation in online chatroom discussion via WebCT


This portion of your grade is based primarily on the amount of interaction you have with your classmates and with the material. At several time during the semester, everyone in the class will be logged on to computers and participating in chatroom discussions. In addition, there will be periodic prompts on the message board. Thoughtful and insightful responses to these prompt will contribute to your overall grade in the class.
Revision of in-class essays and short writing assignments/ grammar work


Revisions of the in-class essays are due by noon on the assigned due dates. You may use the track changes feature to revise your papers. As you revise, you should not only correct any grammatical errors, but also add, reorganize or improve content to produce a more developed piece of writing.
Final Exam


The final exam for this class will be an in-class essay given on campus at 8:00 a.m. on May 1. You will have two hours to complete the exam. Topics will not be given in advance.
Extra credit  
The extra credit opportunity is to create a website that uses feature of web design to enhance one essay that you have written for this class. Websites are due by noon on April 12.