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All students are required to post messages to each prompt posted on the class's message board and to actively contribute to discussions held in the online chat room for the class.

Out-of-class writings:

Essays written outside of class and all revisions are to be written on computer using MS Word or WordPerfect. Essays written on different software must be saved as rich text files. Out-of-class papers will be peer reviewed via email. Comments on rough drafts can be made using the track changes feature or the insert comment feature on MS Word. Papers are due by noon on the assigned due date.

In-class writings:

Some of the essays for this class will be written in class sessions held on campus. For these essays, you will have 50 minutes to outline and write your paper.

That these assignments will be written in only 50 minutes will be taken into consideration in their grading; however, quickness in composition is no excuse for negligence or inattention to the rules of good grammar.

At the end of the 50 minutes when time is called, you must stop writing (Humanities Division Policy). It is better not to include the last letters of a word or your last couple of words of sentences than to fail the essay for not following directions.

All students must remain in class the full 50 minutes during an in-class writing. If you finish early, use the time to proofread and use your dictionary. If you are still finishing early, bring a book with you to read quietly. During an in-class writing, students must maintain quiet so as not to distract others. 

Outlines and essays will include the following:

a.       title—be creative; make your title accurately reflect your essay’s content and spark your reader’s interest from the start;

b.      thesis sentence;

c.       organization appropriate to the assigned topic;

d.      introductory or organizational paragraph to begin the essay;

e.       three or more supporting paragraphs with topic sentences, primary and secondary development;

f.        transitions linking all parts of the essay;

g.       a concluding or summarizing paragraph.


Plagiarism is defined as follows:

“The student who uses the words or ideas or brainpower of someone else without giving proper credit is guilty of plagiarism. No matter whether it is deliberate or not, plagiarism is dishonest; in effect, it is stealing…” (Tschantz, A Guide to English Composition, 7-8)

The penalty for demonstrable plagiarism in this course is an F for the course. If at any time during the semester you are unsure about what plagiarism is, please contact me and we will discuss it.


Homework will be given and is due by noon on the due date.  Homework may not be made up. Missed homework counts as 0s.

Make-up work:

1.      All make-up work must be completed within 48 hours. Failure to do this will result in a 0.

2.      Students who miss an exam without informing me ahead of time will have their exam grade penalized one letter grade for each day the exam is not taken. Students who miss an exam—even if they inform me—must make arrangements with me to complete a make-up exam as soon as possible.

3.      Students who miss an in-class writing must make arrangements to write the essay as soon as possible. If you miss an in-class writing, see me immediately to make arrangements that will allow you to write it at school during my office hours.

4.      The penalty for a missed assignment is the deduction of one letter grade for each school day (NOT class day) the assignment is put off. For example, if your assignment merits an A and you fail to turn it in on the day that the class does the assignment but you make it up by or on the next school day, you will receive a B, and so on.

5.      Rough drafts are due by noon on the assigned day. Failure to turn in a rough draft will result in the deduction of 10 points from the grade of the final draft. Failure to participate in peer editing will also result in the deduction of 10 points from the grade of the final draft.

6.      Assignments (especially essays) that are late will receive letter grades but not end comments.