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Computer Literacy Requirements

Before enrolling in this class, students in this class are expected to know the following: 

  • MS Word
    • How to create new documents
    • How to save documents to different locations
    • How to format documents and text (italics, bold, alignment, change font size, etc.)
    • How to use spell check and grammar check properly
    • How to revise documents (copy, paste, delete, insert, and cut both within a document and between documents)
    • How to print documents
    • How to retrieve documents from different locations
  • Web Navigation
    • How to access the DSC homepage
    • How to access my homepage
    • How to access the class homepage, including the links, announcements, and message board
    • How to post messages on the message board
  • E-mail
    • How to access their DSC e-mail accounts through DSConnect
    • How to send e-mail, including attachments
    • How to open attachments
  • PowerPoint
    • How to view PowerPoint presentations posted on the class homepage
    • How to create PowerPoint presentations
    • How to save PowerPoint presentations to different locations
  • Research
    • How to search the web using search engines such as Google and Yahoo
      • Advanced research skills will be taught over the course of the semester.